Unfug It Up: Florence Welch


What you don’t know is, this comes with a complimentary bottle of Claritin:

What I do know is that is SO close to working on a variety of levels: it could go way crazier, in a way that suits her. It could go way more conservative, in a way that would be so out of character for her that it might also be crazy enough to suit her. All I know is, bracelet-length sleeves, plus ankle-length pants worn with shoes that are not flats = you look like your grandma’s suit shrunk at the dry cleaner. Tell me, Fug Nation, can this be fixed? SHOULD it be fixed? Have at it.

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  1. linda

    Button the jacket, ditch the blouse, make the pants cigarette pants, and switch shoes to stilettos.

    • Sandra

      All of that and an updo. Her neck has disappeared under all those layers and if you’re going to wear that loud of a print, you need to lengthen it out.

    • Sarah

      yes. all that. I don’t think the background is helping matters.

    • Valeria

      Cigarette pants — just my thought!

      • Claire L

        YES! Granted, I’d rather have them be BLACK… or have the jacket be black…or have the jacket open with a pop of color… a yellow shell maybe?…… just to break it up a little. OR….instead of it being a jacket, have it be sleeveless…….

  2. Fawn

    Just make the pants longer and I would really like it.

  3. Mahastee

    You know what would fix this? A great smile. Then I would buy what she is selling. But then, I feel like her voice is so great, she’s earned the right to exist outside of fashion, y’know?

    Anyway. Nice to see her shoes are improving.

  4. Danni

    The bare minimum would be to have the trousers at an appropriate length, where the tapered points of her shoes are just poking out under the hem. All the other wackadoodah has sort of become Florence’s style by now… but let it be known that I do not like the shoes.

  5. Molly

    I’d like to see her sitting on Grandma’s couch so that the only thing you would see is her head, collar, and shoes!! Speaking of which, those shoes look extra uncomfy. OUCH!

  6. melissa

    it should not be fixed.

    • vandalfan

      Well, only in the sense that it should be kept from breeding…

      • Jen S. 2.0


        I could live with the print in a pencil skirt or slim pants, but with a matching top it is all way, way, WAY too much. Skirt or properly fitting pant and a solid top would be fine.

        As is, I want to spray her with crabgrass killer.

  7. Carol

    I love Flo’s music. I just close my eyes when I know there will be a photo of her. Problem solved.

  8. La Fifie

    This just looks uncomfortable, not unlike the pants I currently regret wearing to work.

  9. Willow

    fit the jacket and change the shoes to a pair of patent black Loubs.

  10. Melanie

    This could work if it was perhaps if 1) it were spring, 2) it was an a-line sun-dress, and 3) if it had a pop of color. Heck given those three, the shoes *might* be ok. Although, I’d prefer a kitten heel over those with a sun dress.

  11. gryt

    I think maybe just lengthen the sleeves? But I like it, it suits her.

  12. justine

    surprised to love her suit-what a pattern! maybe just cut her hair into a short bob so she has a neck, change the shoes and we’re a go!

  13. Carol

    Just turn the clock back to 1967 … peace and love, man.

  14. annieD

    Yowza. I was way more on board with this before I zoomed in to see the gold glitter stripes.

  15. Chicklet

    For some reason, I want the jacket to be asymmetrical and the pants tapered into cigarette pants. I have no idea if that would actually work, though.

  16. TaraMisu

    Make the pants longer, I like @Linda’s idea of cigarette pants…. and change out the shoes…. peep toe pumps maybe, black patent.

  17. C-No

    Burn it and start over.

  18. Liz_bee

    Th first things we need to fix is her face. Er…too harsh? I think a little makeup would salvage some of this.

  19. Annie

    I actually thinks this works for her. What *doesn’t* work for this outfit, though, is the background behind her. Put a nice solid black or red, though, and I don’t think you would even question this is such an improvement over her normal attire as to make it a Well Played outfit.

  20. Halo

    I hate every stitch of this, including her bitchface.

  21. Jen

    I think if we could see her neck, it would be much better… I actually like the pants length, although nipped in (to be cigarette pants) would be cool, especially with flats… and I love the pattern (sorry, but I do!) … just don’t like the blouse with this. Her posture seems to be making this look more painful than it probably is.

  22. AM

    I would keep just one of the items, preferably the jacket, and pair with a solid black bottom. Cute black pants or a skirt just above the knee. The only problem is it might not then be edgy/cray-cray for her and her profession. I mean, she need to be a bit “out there

  23. Bella

    Burn it … shoes, too.

  24. Siobhán

    The only way to fix this is by painting the entire photo black. Except her hair.

    The facial exprssion, the make up on the facial expression, the SUIT OMG THE HORROR THAT IS THAT PRINTED SUIT, the shoes, the pose, the …….gaaaaaah, just make it go away.

  25. Rowynn

    I’ve never heard her sing, so I have no prior opinion of her, but when I zoomed in to see the glitter that annieD mentioned, I could see a faint five-o-clock shadow on her upper lip. I wasn’t looking for it, it just jumped out at me. Now it’s all I can see. Her face is so masculine that it’s off-putting, at least to me. Her hair is pretty and shiny, though. The pantsuit wouldn’t be so bad if the pants were a tad longer and she ditched those ugly shoes. It’s rather gaudy and extreme, but she’s in show business, so it’s not as jarring as it would be if someone wore it to work in some office somewhere.

    • Rowynn

      Clearly, I need to work on how to use HTML tags. I only meant to bold annieD’s name, not the whole paragraph. Sorry.

  26. Alix

    Lengthen the pants just a smidge, swap the stilettos for kitten heels, unbutton the jacket and replace the blouse with a bright, jewel-tone tank. An updo would also help, and… posture! Straighten those shoulders!

  27. Cranky Old Batt

    No chokey Lagerfeld shirt, slightly longer pants, Steve Nicks boots in the same color as her hair.

  28. Emi!y

    Yellow shirt, solid pants. I was going to say black, but since this is Florence “I’d Rather Be Swinton” Welch, I’d say yellow or white. I kinda like the awkward length. It’s definitely not something I could pull off, but I think Flo, here, does.

  29. Gillian

    Swap the shoes for high-heel boots, draw in the waist of the jacket a bit, and plain white button-down shirt underneath the jacket.

  30. Amberoni

    I can dig the pattern and even the jacket sleeves, but the jacket body needs to be fitted, the blouse is too too much (button the jacket and go without). The pants work but I would vote for about 2-3 inches shorter. To make them superlong seems so very everybody else, and that is NOT what SuperFlo here would go for.

  31. missiv

    Yes, it can work. A better fit, and having someone around who tells the truth. As it is, it doesn’t work, which means… We shouldn’t be seeing it, at all.

  32. Chris

    I am astounded that no one has said that this should be paired with a pencil skirt.

    …for what it’s worth, I was about to suggest cigarette pants. In black. Maybe slightly longer.

  33. Franny-pants

    This suit would work for me if it wasn’t a suit… which i guess defeats the purpose….
    These pants + flowy red/orange halter silky top = awesome summer party outfit
    This jacket opened up + white/cream camisole + black sequined mini = Sexyness…

    Ps I would like her music more if all of her songs didn’t sound so much alike… that being said, she’s kind of awesome…

  34. vandalfan

    Use the fabric for placements, and wear different clothes entirely.

  35. Sajorina

    She definitely looks like she’s under the effects of Benadryl! And, I know what that’s like… I live off of it because I’m allergic to this world! If she did something other than THAT with her hair and smiled, I’d feel better about it! But, I can’t condone the use of ankle length pants with high heels; either wear flats or wear regular length pants! The shirt & jacket combo with gold jewelry works for me, though! LOVE!

    *runs off to rewrite the lyrics of Florence’s song from “Shake It Up” to “Unfug It Up”*

  36. AK

    If you think this can be fixed, then it’s too late for you — the suit has already begun to fry your corneas.

  37. Caroleena Stantonova

    She looks as though she ingested the entire bottle of Claritin…hours ago. Even before dressing.

  38. nerak

    her posture! my grandmother would be appalled. i think the above mentions of cigarette pants would fix the outfit also ditching those excruciating-looking shoes. and stand up straight dear!

  39. ChristieLea

    Make the pants cigarette pants, yes, and in a solid colour. Vibrant purple, maybe? Something that suits her very Florence style. Et VOILA!

  40. Moi

    Put a stake through its heart, shoot it with a silver bullet, chop its head off, and then burn all the pieces.

  41. cc

    I think she looks dumb, period. Sorry if people like her. She also looks like she’s decomposing.

  42. Shiitake

    I’m tired of her.

  43. Bambi Anne Dear

    I love this but with those shoes the pants are too short.

  44. roser

    Why does she hate her neck? Why doesn’t she have any girl pals who can say “No”? Why would anyone wear those shoes?

  45. KD

    Wait, you guys think this is within range of her usual style? Her usual style is edgy and cool. This is … way off. I guess I could think about how to fix the tailoring, but the pattern is unfixable as far as I am concerned.

  46. KD

    Sorry to rant, but I just went and looked at a bunch of pictures of her. I wouldn’t even call her style weird or out there. It’s just straight up hipster high fashion. This one, though, is like something out of the wrong grandma’s closet. Even hipsters have to choose which grandmas to borrow from wisely.

  47. Aaron

    Ach, you guys should have called her “Flo-nase!”

  48. Franziska

    I would love to just have the jacket. Or just the trousers. Each on its own is fine, but not together.

  49. Sophia Loren

    Different shoes: colored flats.
    Different hair: high ponytail, kinda fifties.
    Different blouse: simplify.

    Love the rings and lip color. And the suit itself, obviously.

  50. Sophia Loren

    Or,slightly lower black platform sandals and no blouse.

    Adore the disco gold in the pattern.

  51. Cecily

    If the pants were black with the flowered fabric as hem, and with black suede ankle boots, it could totally work.

  52. hippetyhop

    I like it all – especially the length of the pants with the shoes, it’s a great look on her. I personally hate the look of pointy toes peeking out from big trouser bottoms.

  53. TonyG

    I really like this entire look on her. Well, okay, she could smile, but other than that I have no complaint.

  54. Sam

    She looks like she’s trying to drag her knuckles on the floor. Stand straight, lady!

  55. Lily1214

    Don’t any of these people have mirrors? Does she need to change her contacts?

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