The Fugoice

Dear Cee-Lo Green,

I enjoy you.

But you need a new assistant, one skilled in keeping you apprised of what day it is. I know you’ve been locked in a cage match with Xtina on a soundstage somewhere — or something — but IT’S JUNE. You can not be running around in a fur-lined coat, because you will give yourself heat prostration and fall over dead and can you imagine what they’ll have to do on The Voice just to deal with that? Carson Daly won’t be able to deal. Hasn’t he already gone through enough in his career? The man was engaged to Tara Reid.

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  1. Kate

    THANK YOU for reminding me of that celebrity romance. I had completely forgotten about it!

  2. JMS

    Temperatures are in the low 50s/high 40s (F) at night in England right now, so.

    (Same here in Massachusetts, where the husband and I both wore coats last night. Not fur coats, because we are not pop stars, but still.)

  3. Susie Q

    I kind of wish he would go away. SIR YOU ARE NO ANDRE LEON TALLEY!

  4. Lina

    He has such a great smile. I wonder if they’ve got the AC cranked down to 55, like they do when they expect a crowd? Or maybe he just digs his awesome coat? The only thing I really take issue with is the gray t-shirt. It was my PE class uniform a million years ago, and heather-gray jersey ALWAYS makes me think gym-clothes, not clothes to be seen in.

  5. vandalfan

    How could you not love this guy? I mean, look at the shoes, the shades, the coordination, the fit, the fur trim, the stylin’. But mostly, what a smile.

  6. silly philly

    HAHAHAHAHahahaaaaaaaaa…somehow in the scrolldown I only caught the last line and imagined CeeLo and Ms Reid as a couple on the red carpet. Probably shouldn’t have been nearly as funny as it struck me but there you go.

    On topic, I totally, unreasonably dig this man. Even his creepy-from-anyone-else “Pretty lady…” schtick on The Voice warms my heart so I take no issue with the coat, even in June.

  7. Shannon

    It is also 54 in Seattle. Good f-ing times.

  8. Toni

    I love Cee Lo. He can wear whatever the hell he wants and it’s fine by me. Look at that smile! Love!

  9. Geemee

    The man does have a fantastic smile. And I dig the outfit . I just break into a sweat looking at it.

  10. Bambi Anne Dear

    What an idiot. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!

  11. Maria

    Also checking in from the frigid Pacific Northwest — the outfit is completely appropriate.

  12. mrbruno

    Maybe, like my grandma, he’s always cold….

  13. Amy

    I love CeeLo. In my eyes, he can do no wrong. And kudos to him for wearing what he likes, regardless of the heat. His actual pant legs appear to be about 18″….he’s like a Cabbage Patch doll. I just want to hug him.

  14. Emily

    It’s good when he keeps his hands in his pockets, though. It de-emphasizes how bizarrely short his arms are. (And yes, I admit it, I googled to see if he has some form or dwarfism, but he doesn’t — just super short arms.) It’s like 56 degrees here in Minneapolis as I write, so I can’t harsh on the winter clothes either.

  15. Hannah

    Guys, I was actually at this event and it was entirely weather appro-pro.

    It was a stadium gig in London during which, like all good things in England (Wimbledon, cricket, picnics in the park), it rained and rained

    Thanks God it dried up before JLo was on the floor

  16. Molly

    Okay, I love it. He amuses me greatly. This is no exception. And look how JOLLY he looks. I want to have a beer with him.