I think I like this:

Which is not to say that it didn’t take me like forty-five minutes to decide how I felt. There is something about the pattern that reminds me of those old Magic Eye posters we were all obsessed with in the 90s — remember those? I feel like I spent approximately six months in 1995 staring, slightly cross-eyed, at a series of poorly framed posters set up in outside kiosks at the 3rd Street Promenade. I was wearing a body suit at the time, and possibly a pair of short-alls. IT WAS A DARK TIME. But unless this dress has a secret 3-D message inside it — reading, say, I’M NOT DATING TIMBERLAKE — I can’t really tar it with that brush.

This is actually what sold me. It’s like a dress from the front, and a skirt and blouse from the back, which I appreciate in an Infinite Dress kind of way. And now that I’ve name-checked the Infinite Dress, AND Magic Eye posters, I feel like this post won’t be appropriately complete until I throw in at least one more 90s reference. Take your pick: Pearl Jam, Doc Martens, Citizen Dick, Cher Horowitz, chokers, choosing oneself.

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