Fug File: ruffles

Fug or Fab: Elizabeth Olsen

I can’t get over how much Elizabeth Olsen looks like her sisters — Mary-Kate and Ashley are fraternal twins who look nearly identical and Elizabeth resembles them so strongly, they could be triplets (although Elizabeth is way taller than they are). This particular gene combination must be irresistible to biology. BUT IS HER DRESS?

(How’s THAT transition for you? Why, yes, I found it mildly clunky as well.) As I often say with so many of the looks that we put up for a vote, I don’t hate it. If Hailee Steinfeld were to wear it out and about, I would probably give it an unqualified thumbs-up. If, say, Helen Mirren popped out wearing this, I would worry that she had totally lost her mind. In short: I think the success of this particular dress seriously depends on the person wearing it.

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The New Fug

I had two separate conversations last night, and it’s like they got together and had a baby this morning: a) that Zooey Deschanel got a new stylist sometime over the last six months, and she or he has been kicking ass, and b) there was this time that my friend Marissa and I were lost in Paris and we were helped by a drunk mime who lurched out of an alley eating a sandwich.

Meet that stylized mime baby.


Oscar Party Fug Carpet: Rashida Jones

My cohort Jessica loves a neck ruffle. So I imagine when she first saw pics like this of Rashida Jones, she got about as excited as a fourteen-year old at a Team Edward convention, or a fifty-four year old at a Clay Aiken concert.

Rashida Jones

And I agree, this had a lot of promise. But, you know, it’s a cruel world. People break promises.

and ‘promises’ anagrams to ‘more piss’


Fug or Fab: Jennifer Aniston

Aniston should take a wind machine with her everywhere — she looks so charming in this picture:

I think this is the cutest I’ve ever seen her, but it’s more to do with the expression on her face than the dress — although I don’t dislike the dress. It’s just not very surprising on her, is all.

But it does have a surprise:


Fug or Fab: Blake Lively

My favorite part of this is how it looks as though part of Blake’s skirt is attached to her elbow with fishing wire, so that whenever she moves her arm, the hem of her dress pops up (I think she just swooshed that layer of frock skyward as the shutter snapped). I also enjoy how BORED everyone in the back looks, especially that downtrodden kid in the tie. Don’t worry, Downtrodden Kid. Awards season is almost over. Soon you’ll be back at the pub with the rest of us.

My other favorite part is the color. This blue is splendid on her, and she should wear it always. But I have, as Tim Gunn would say, concerns. (I’m also concerned about how I have no idea when Project Runway comes back and therefore I’m don’t know when Tim and I will be reunited.) Is this, or is this not inching toward Fancy Muumuu Territory (an unsettled land bordering Caftania to the south and BeachCover-upsville toward the west)? I applaud her for wearing something that leaves SOMETHING to the imagination (sort of), but I can’t decide if the whole look really holds together for me.

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[Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]


Grammy Awards Fug Carpet: Eva Longoria

Regular readers of this website are well aware that I am a huge fan of the neck ruffle:

And yet even I, Jessica Morgan: Neck Ruffle Enthusiast, can not sign off on this one. She looks as though she’s hung a giant scrunchie around her neck, like her head is a doorknob on the dorm room of some kid who’s currently, FINALLY, getting lucky.


Fug or Fab: Nicole Kidman

In case you were wondering: Kidman is tall.

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