I can’t get over how much Elizabeth Olsen looks like her sisters — Mary-Kate and Ashley are fraternal twins who look nearly identical and Elizabeth resembles them so strongly, they could be triplets (although Elizabeth is way taller than they are). This particular gene combination must be irresistible to biology. BUT IS HER DRESS?

(How’s THAT transition for you? Why, yes, I found it mildly clunky as well.) As I often say with so many of the looks that we put up for a vote, I don’t hate it. If Hailee Steinfeld were to wear it out and about, I would probably give it an unqualified thumbs-up. If, say, Helen Mirren popped out wearing this, I would worry that she had totally lost her mind. In short: I think the success of this particular dress seriously depends on the person wearing it.

And, in short, YOU think:

  • this is great on her. (7%, 954 Votes)
  • this is terrible on her. (15%, 2,147 Votes)
  • this is terrible, in general. (76%, 10,667 Votes)
  • this would be divine on anyone from Sean Penn to Kathie Lee Gifford. (1%, 183 Votes)

Total Voters: 13,951

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