I think Elle Fanning’s escort may be better-dressed than she is.

Although, Elle IS playing Sleeping  Beauty, so at least it’s THEMATIC that she showed up in cropped pajamas. With the kind of shoes that even your elderly neighbor Maude would not be caught dead in, for fear of being stuck with them in the afterlife.

Elle did, thankfully, change for the actual show, because she left the building in this:

It’s EXTREMELY on-the-nose in a Disney Princess way, but at least it fits, and isn’t sleepwear. Someone really needed to sweep away her hair and put her in shoes that don’t match, though. And MAYBE consider downplaying the rosy makeup so that she doesn’t look like she fell into a vat of radiant orchid paint. She’s so cheery and charming, though, that even with those foibles, I can’t be truly upset at this; just mildly bugged and longing for arm adornments and dreaming of The Shoes That Might Have Been — although, over the years, and one picture ago, we’ve SEEN her taste in shoes, so maybe I should accept these with a grateful and relieved heart.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]