I feel like I SHOULD dislike this: It’s all shiny and ruffly and 80s, like something out of a Judith Krantz novel:

MOCA's Annual Gala

But there remains the fact that I LOVE Judith Krantz novels. I mean, seriously, have you re-read the Scruples series lately? It has EVERYTHING: Parisian counts, mistaken identities, extended thoughtful musings about shopping, secret children, people dying in fires, a random mention of my very small high school, man-prostitutes, wigs, semi-eating disorders, a tower devoted solely to sexually harassing one’s man-servants, accidental on-purpose pregnancies, makeovers of people AND buildings, bribery, blackmail, several characters with incredibly bizarre and disturbing psychological make-ups, a secret garden, an actually realistic take on Los Angeles at Oscar season, ponchos, debilitating strokes and, I believe, a hurricane. Say what you want about leggings, but if THOSE ’80s are back, I’ll take it. Along with this.

(Although I wish KD had worn other shoes. But if I learned anything from Scruples’ Billy Orsini, it’s that you can’t always get what you want, right when you want it. Sometimes you have to sulk in your locked secret garden and wait for the thing you want to bribe your gardener/driver Burgo for the key so he can let himself in.)