I have a whole new appreciation for the Michalkas after having just mainlined five episodes of Hellcats in a row. Seriously, that show is SO ENTERTAINING — and Aly Michalka (in other words, not THIS Michalka) is totally good on it. Although maybe not as good as Ashley Tisdale. Anyway, it’s totally enjoyable, which is a feat made all the more impressive thanks to the fact that its male cast mostly consists of a bunch of people you know from other teen dramas on the CW and by “other teen dramas,” I mean One Tree Hill, and one of them played a psychotic stalker who pretended to be Peyton’s long-lost brother but who actually ended up kidnapping her and imprisoning her in her basement on prom night and on this show he’s kind of the rakish townie charmer and it actually works. So, anyway, Hellcats is fab. But what about Aly’s sister AJ? WHAT ABOUT HER I ASK YOU?

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Too ruffly? Just ruffled enough? Not enough ruffles? Too tulle-y? Not tulle-y enough? Just enough tulle? (Insert “tulle time” or “tulle academy” or “tulle shed” joke here — also, the more I type “tulle,” the less meaning “tulle” has. TULLE. I feel like the word is inching ever closer to being the name of a character on something like Hellcats. Meet the squad’s newest member, TULLE MALONEY! Right? Wow, I need to move on here.)