Katy Perry certainly prefers being thematic when she promotes the Smurfs movies. But I think we can all agree that this is preferable to the absurdities of last time’s cartoon sex-organ sheath.

Is blue awfully adorable for a movie about a blue-tinted gnomic race that is so vain it can’t NOT base all its vocab on its own name? (Imagine if we were all, “You are so humany, Jon Hamm,” or, “I just American’d the car.”) Yes. Yes it is. But she also looks really pretty, and appropriate for a daytime premiere of a kiddie movie. And as a bonus, one of the Smurfs on the poster is accidentally photosmurfing her with bunny ears, which gives me warm feelings about the whole damn enterprise. Well, except for the movie itself. Here is how I feel about that: If I am on a plane and my choice is watching that movie and staring at the seatback tray table, I’m going to ogle the hell out of that beige bastard.

[Photo: Getty]

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