We’ve been talking for a while about how all the coats Jessica Chastain wears in and out of the theater for The Heiress are really great.

Well, in keeping with the “Forget It, I’m Cold” theme of the BAFTA night, she finally got a chance to deploy one on a bigger stage. And you’ll be happy to know — unless for some reason you are an anti-Chastite — that what she had on under it worked really nicely too:

She looks tremendous in it, and her hair and makeup are fab. Remember when she wore the blue Calvin Klein to last year’s SAGs, and our note was basically that the dress was hellaciously unflattering but the color could stay? Boom. This Roland Mouret is the delicious version of that. And I love delicious things. Just ten minutes ago I had a moment with some pastrami that was full of feeling.

[Photo: Getty]