Aniston should take a wind machine with her everywhere — she looks so charming in this picture:

I think this is the cutest I’ve ever seen her, but it’s more to do with the expression on her face than the dress — although I don’t dislike the dress. It’s just not very surprising on her, is all.

LACY SIDE-BOOB! (Lacy Sideboob is, by the way, my favorite tertiary character on Or So It Seems, the soap opera that I’m pretending to be writing but which I actually just use as a litmus test to see whether or not people I meet have a similar sense of humor. For example, if you don’t see the entertainment factor implicit in having a plot-line where a man finds out that he’s in love with a hologram — technically, they’re hologram twins from the future, Diandra and Levitra — we might not get along.)

How does the wind blow for you, here?

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