Random Fug: Sharron Davies

This lady here is a former Olympian for Great Britain. And while I know there are no laws in that country against flag desecration…

… flag defecation should be a whole different story.

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Comments (11):

  1. rara

    Didn’t Diane von Furstenberg wear a similar (in concept) dress with an American flag tail? Or was that someone else?

  2. Lina

    This dress is so over the top, the ill-placed train nearly launches it into camp. Which, you know, would at least make it FUN. As it is, it seems to take itself WAY too seriously…or possibly that’s just the diamonds talking. With different jewelry and hair this could have been so much more likeable.

  3. Reece

    I wore this to my prom in black. Minus the flag.

  4. Rachel

    At least she loves her country?

  5. Sarah

    Didn’t Farrah Fawcett once wear a similar dress with an American flag?? I can’t find a picture online but I’m absolutely sure she did. It’s too hideous to forget.

  6. Willow

    I only know her becuse she was told she looked like fecal matter going around the toilet bowl on Dancing On Ice and it caused a massive scandal in the UK.

    It was hilarious in its hyperbole.

    • witjunkie

      What!! Really?! Was she dressed in all brown or something? That is…fantastic.

  7. vandalfan

    The flag is ACTUALLY a part of the dress? And such an ugly dress, too. Pity.

  8. Maria

    The thing that bothers me most is that hair. Which, given the hideous color and style of the dress, plus the illusion that she’s pooping her country’s flag, says a lot.

  9. anny

    Heh – this lady can wear anything she wants! (Because if her head’s even close to normal size she could undoubtedly break me like a toothpick. I respect that a lot.)

  10. Lisa T

    The front looks like one of the bridesmaid dresses I was forced to wear several years ago… UGH