This is almost a modernized version of Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman polo outfit: cinched at the waist, dotted, breezy, totally un-prostitutey…

… okay, yeah, that’s all they have in common, unless Zoe has a giant hat and some gloves hidden somewhere. (I’m pretty sure Julia Roberts didn’t skip around stomping divots in heels that mammoth.) But as much as those shoes only make sense if you are at a polo event that’s carpeted — and I am not an enormous fan of them with this outfit — overall Zoe does look the way she usually does: relaxed yet sophisticated, two things that look a lot easier to achieve in tandem than they are. They’re as elusive to me as good offensive line play is to the Chicago Bears. ZING. GFY: Where the NFL and fashion collide like opposing defenders and Jay Cutler. OH SNAP. Is it lunch yet? Sigh. The pretty ones are never as fun to write about.


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