People’s Choice Fug or Fab: Vanessa Hudgens

I expected to dislike this, because let’s face it, I expect to dislike most things. It’s been seven and a half years and 96oo posts, and the scales tip definitively toward the “stuff I don’t like” side.

However, this won me over: Yes, it’s a bit spidery, like she got caught in the spinnings of a creature bred by Joan Collins from a Faberge egg and a copy of Charlotte’s Web, but… that also might not be a bad thing. I would read that book, for sure. And I think it’s also possible Hudgens is a master strategist, because this comes after a holiday deluge of terrible boots and a parade of tragical pants (yikes), so at this point I am primed to look at her in anything that does not scream “Dumpster” and applaud it as understated genius. I need your gimlet eyes. And possibly a gimlet.

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Comments (23):

  1. Sajorina

    This isn’t bad, but I guess Elvira has a blast when she wore it to her Senior Prom or, who knows, maybe Morticia is missing her weeding dress!

  2. Anne At Large

    This is all right CONSIDERING she clearly stole it from the closet of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  3. Marte

    It’s not at all flattering to her body, but other than that, she looks great! (This is not even sarcasm, I promise.)

  4. Kit

    After the epic sartorial tragedy she’s been since she and Z.E. broke up, I think at least half of my thinking “She looks GREAT” is merely relief.

    I mean she was never a fantastic dresser, and yes, she has a new b/f now, but I still think her clothes have been a cry for help along the lines of “I know you think I’m fine now and I’ve bounced back, but HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT I’M WEARING. HELP MEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEeeeeeeee.”

    Oh Vanessa, I hear you – help is on the way, dear!

    • witjunkie

      Ok, THAT’s who she is. I thought she was a Girlfriend, but then I thought I was confusing her with the Vanessa who is with Nick Lachey now. Well. I think going through a dirty, cochina phase is a rite of passage for those grown up Disney gals. They all seem to pass through it. At least she can step out of it when she needs to, this dress is cool. She looks nice.

  5. Chai

    It looks to me like she wrapped a giant Lacewing Fly wing, albeit a sparkly golden one, around herself. Good for tomatoes, not sure about a dress.

  6. Colleen

    It’s growing on me, but I hate those shoes. Different shoes and I’m pretty sure I would have loved this.

  7. Kate

    Is no one else bothered by the random chestal diamond where the dress appears to have two different necklines?

    • Kate

      as if the Joan Collins spider has been slyly weaving its way up her sternum to choke her…?

  8. Steph

    This is a mashup of a few Xanadu costumes, I think.

  9. annieD

    Nix the shoes, nix the heavy-duty eye sludge and the matchy-matchy clutch, and I might be able to get on board. Or at least ride alongside.

  10. Sophia Loren

    I have a soft spot for VH because I am beginning to believe that I used to look like her when I was that age. Or a little younger.

    Now, heavens knows I never dressed like her but I like her smile and she looks her age and sweet but she never looks particularly twee – like the anti-Godwin, who falls deep into the twee pit, but refuses to smile like she’s so tough or something.

    Anyway, I like this dress. It’s pretty and it’s cool and on an older woman it might look a bit scary, but it looks great on her and would look a bit younger without the train. The fact that it does not squeeze all her assets into the foreground is a plus, in my book.

    Better shoes would be nice and a more simple, youthful satin clutch. The jewelry is great too.

  11. dianalily

    It suits her loose, flowing, hippie-stoner look lately. But the dress is poorly tailored for her height. There’s hippie and then there’s wearing a bunchy garment that draws too much attention to one’s hips. Which would be, um, hip-y. Hippy. Hip-py… right.

  12. Emster

    Hate the shoes, find the dress mostly pleasing. Fun even. But god, hate those shoes.

  13. Donna

    it’s ok to dislike most things — this is called go fug yourself, after all!

  14. KarKar

    I HAD been rather enjoying this, but now that I see the gold overlay CRACK at the waistline, I’m deflated.

  15. Sandra

    That membrane in the middle of the bodice is creeping the hell out of me. Now, if she had hopped in The Wayback Machine and worn this to the world premiere of Arachnophobia I could appreciate this. Otherwise, nope.

  16. Kim

    I’m just happy I can’t see her upper thighs. She should sell advertising space on them, she has them exposed so often!

  17. Jo

    It makes her look stumpy, is old fashioned and urgh!

  18. Jenna Horko

    All I can think of is “Kiss of the Spider Woman”… And the dress is way to long for her, making her look stumpy.

  19. Lily1214

    The shoes truly have to go. They look exactly like some I saw in Payless Shoes.

  20. Rubee

    She’s a pretty girl, but I think she can’t get over not been the It Girl she was when she was dating Zac Effron and HSM was at the peak of the media interest. And no matter if she’s strolling in cut-offs or wearing couture she always looks as if she’s desperately trying to be eye catchy… This look is no exception: too much eye make up, a too long glittery dress which, btw, looks as if it could be falling down his shoulders any minute. And those shoes are ugly & don’t match the dress, but they can’t escape anyone’s notice. Beware Vanessa! Not being able to cope with fame loss had led more than one ex-starlet towards depression and the subsequent substance abuse.