Something about Faith Hill singing that opening song to Sunday Night Football — every season for, what, the last three? — makes me take her slightly less seriously. It’s the crazy pants and the bowed legs and the crooning about Al Michaels and the NFL teams du jour… it’s an accidental comedy piece. So in turn it makes me feel affectionately toward her, and also less like she is Faith Hill: Megastar than Faith Hill: Teehee.

Faith may be similarly conflicted. Because while this is perfectly cute and serviceable for, say, an Academy Awards luncheon, or the Sunday Night Football production meeting at which they try to figure out what lyrics could rhyme with “Texans,” it isn’t as glam as I feel it could or should be when you are Faith Hill: Country Queen. Her hair looks like it’s falling out of the updo. I hope that’s because Tim McGraw is stashed in the limo and she keeps going back for a little naughty time.

Up on stage, she changed, and it may not surprise you what she chose:

Pants. Specifically, I believe, a belted jumpsuit, although I could be wrong. Does this feel predictable to you? Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but it sure feels like Faith Hill never met a pair of slacks she didn’t want to wear while singing. It could be strategic — the lady does love a wide stance, and Lord knows wafting dry ice might feel a little strange on one’s privates — but it also leads to boredom. And, not for nothing, a hint of cameltoe. Which is too bad, because the color rocks, and as jumpsuits go it’s actually pretty attractive. Does cameltoe just not scare anybody anymore? Because it should. Especially when it’s shiny. It’s like a labial spotlight.

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