I expected to dislike this, because let’s face it, I expect to dislike most things. It’s been seven and a half years and 96oo posts, and the scales tip definitively toward the “stuff I don’t like” side.

However, this won me over: Yes, it’s a bit spidery, like she got caught in the spinnings of a creature bred by Joan Collins from a Faberge egg and a copy of Charlotte’s Web, but… that also might not be a bad thing. I would read that book, for sure. And I think it’s also possible Hudgens is a master strategist, because this comes after a holiday deluge of terrible boots and a parade of tragical pants (yikes), so at this point I am primed to look at her in anything that does not scream “Dumpster” and applaud it as understated genius. I need your gimlet eyes. And possibly a gimlet.


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