Fugs and Pieces: September 16, 2011


As Fashion Week ends, The Emmys begin! They are THIS SUNDAY, September 18th, and Heather and I will be live-blogging the red carpet for Vulture, starting at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern. We’ll definitely post a link here, on our Facebook, and on our Twitter (we’re @fuggirls), so please join us via some form of social media.

ALSO: Two weeks from Sunday, on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2ND, Heather and I will be appearing at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival, to read and sign our YA novel Spoiled. We’re on the Teen and Young Adult stage at 1pm. Please come out and see us!

Until then:

– We saw Mischa Barton at our last Fashion Week show. She looked…clean? Amazing! (The Cut)

Are we living in the golden age of male objectification? I SURE HOPE SO.  I mean, um, can’t we all just be appreciated for our brains? (Vulture)

–  NOW Lilo is throwing drinks. In front of her mom. Why does none of that surprise me in the least? (Lainey Gossip)

– I LOVE that, three weeks into her marriage, the tabs are already all, “KIM HATES KRIS.” It’ll be awkward when that story collides with the story about how she’s knocked up, which you know is coming. (Celebitchy)

Did Nicki Minaj’s stylist plagiarize this look? It certainly sounds possible — and it’ll be interesting to see if her team has any response to this. (Fashionista)

Don’t EVER let people use your credit card in Vegas. EVER. Or find yourself on the hook for TWENTY GRAND for a WEEKEND. That’s a lot of buffets. (Deadspin)

The NY Times loves a loud football uni. We’re with you, NYT. (New York Times)

– Wow, they’re not kidding. These ARE strange houses. (Flavorwire)

–God. My notes to my maid NEVER sell for this much. Also, I don’t have a maid. So there’s that. (Time)

– Finally, this piece about gay athletes in professional sports is phenomenal. (NY Mag)

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  1. mhorv4

    Thanks for pointing us toward that NYMag article. I would have missed it otherwise and it is great.

  2. Maraya

    The pom-pom designer is full of herself…Nicki’s dress is much more visually interesting than any of her designs! XXXOOO

  3. LoriK

    The pregnancy rumors about Kim K. have started already. USPeopleAreOK had her buying multiple pregnancy tests on their honeymoon.

    I hate that I know that.

  4. pinkcheese

    That first cover in the K&KK article sums up everything wrong with their entire “Klan”: as her husband is attmepting to cuddle with her, she’s completely detached, staring straight into the pap’s camera with her ring posed just so. It’s like a reenactment of a bad bodice-ripper cover; she comes off as a soulless plastic husk who never turns it off.

    And the NYMag article was seriously amazing.

  5. taylor

    Another thanks for the NYMag article. I always love your links!

  6. Noire

    Thank you for the NY Mag article on Gay Rights!!! That was fascinating.

  7. Carl

    I was amused that the article on male objectification used True Blood as an example, when they’ve had significantly less nudity than in previous seasons.

    Any time any man shows more than his face, you end up hearing about how daring and modern and shocking this is.

  8. NYCGirl

    Nicki Minaj has a stylist?

  9. Liane

    “Laineygossip” is right. Lindsay Lohan’s lips are really f-d up. She looks like Priscilla Presley post plastic surgery. And Priscilla has got at least 30 years up on Lindsay. Sad. Also can I just say I love that Lainey, an on-air personality on a relatively major entertainment show, gets away with the stuff she puts on her site? Truth telling in entertainment “news”? Awesome.

  10. guest72

    The NYMag article on gay rights for professional athletes was terrific. Thanks for the link.

  11. Liane

    I should probably clarify. Lainey is on a relatively major Canadian entertainment show. Maybe that’s how she can get away with it.

  12. Christopher D

    @Maraya – theft is theft…

    LiLo was so cute, how can her mother’s heart not break to see her looking like a silicone stripper/whore. (Some people glide through the businesss and some are eaten alive and served up for our viewing pleasure. Where is Bai Ling and her sweet wack “Bai-ist” view of life. She may be a fame whore who flashes her lady parts but she’s fun, and wouldn’t really harm a fly, Lilo is just Sad & Angry.)

  13. Chasmosaur


    Whether or not Nicki Minaj’s dress is a more sophisticated version of the young designer’s version isn’t the issue. (If you can call a pom-pom dress sophisticated.)

    If Nicki Minaj and her team had come up with this on their own, then it’s just a fluke. It happens. But if they did actually solicit this girl about her work – which is distinctive – then there is an Intellectual Property issue here. It’s not like you see pom-pom clothing this hideous everywhere. ;)

    If you look at her shop, her most expensive item costs $100. Affordable for someone with Nicki Minaj’s costuming budget, I would think. And if she wanted a specific style, all she and her stylist had to do was ask (i.e. – can we have a full shirt instead of a mini dress, maybe with a stripe across it?). I’m sure this girl would have been thrilled to accommodate.

    It may be hard to prove anything, but this girl does have a right to be upset. We’re not talking about a trend – mullet hemlines, booties, color-as-trend, single-shoulder gowns – that are being reinterpreted. That is a very specific look. And she has a history of sending Nicki Minaj and her team images of her work.

    There may be some drama here, and I’m sure this coverage will help her name, but there is probably something to her accusations.

  14. katie

    fugs and pieces is my favorite Saturday morning ritual, btw.

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