Fugs and Pieces: July 1st, 2011


Hey guys!

In honor of the 4th of July holiday in the US, Heather and I will be taking a long weekend. We’ll be back posting as usual on Tuesday, July 5th — after all, there will be TONS of Wills and Kate Vistit Canada outfits to plow through!

Until then, enjoy:

Did you enter our big birthday contest? You should! (This post, btw, should NOT count in your estimated tally.)

– I appreciate this article about the many, many reasons The Vampire Diaries is awesome. If you weren’t watching it, this summer might be a good time to catch up. I’m just saying. (i09)

– Even Chris Hansen has to admit that  the fact HE might have just gotten caught up to no good on a hidden camera is sort of deliciously apt. If I were him, I’d want a t-shirt that read, “NOT A PREDATOR, JUST A CHEATER, I SWEAR.” (Celebitchy)

–If you’re as transfixed as the appearance of the many HAIR FEATHERS and EAR FEATHERS and FEATHER FEATHERS on Pretty Little Liars as I am, I think you will enjoy finding out what actual fly fisherman think of teenagers running around with lures in their hair. It’s kind of fascinating. (New York Times)

Michael Bay movies in under a minute! (It’s just stuff EXPLODING) (Flavorwire)

– SCOTT SPEEDMAN IS ALIVE! ALIVE! And still REALLY HOT, you guys. Get that man a job! (Lainey)

– A montage of Jon Hamm cameos — or, as they’ve dubbed them, HAMMEOS. ENJOY. (Jezebel)

– I’m loving Wimbledon, as usual, and I’m also super proud that I got six out of ten correct in Slate’s “Match the Tennis Player to the Grunt” quiz. (Slate)

– Speaking of tennis, our friends over at Low Resolution are rating the dudes’ hotness levels. I call FOUL that Federer is not ranked high! FOUL I SAY. (Low Resolution)

– Still speaking of tennis, this AWESOME recreation of the infamous Nadal/Federer 2008 Wimbledon final….on paper. Seriously, it’s so cool. (Flavorwire)

– This fascinating, extensive piece about Amanda Knox in Rolling Stone is a) a good reminder to try not to get accused of a crime in Italy, and b) an equally good reminder that the writing in Rolling Stone is actually often seriously excellent. (Rolling Stone)

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Comments (16):

  1. vandalfan

    A little help here, poets. In honor of Canada Day as well as GFY’s birthday, let’s write ‘em a song, to the tune of “Oh Canada” (one of the prettiest national anthems, IMHO). I’ll take a stab:

    “Go Fug Yourself
    The website we love best
    Where else could we
    See turbans with a vest?

    The celebrities and the wanna-bees
    They compete in March each year
    To see which one might
    With their clothes so tight
    Reduce us all to tears

    Wonderful gals, quick and razor wit
    Tell us with Glee
    Which outfits just don’t fit,
    Tell us with Glee
    Which outfits just don’t fit!

  2. roser

    I love you both — but can’t believe you didn’t include any Kate Moss wedding info in Fugs & Pieces this week! I’ve been following online and loving what she’s worn so far — rehearsal dinner and wedding — and am DYING to hear what you two have to say about it.

    In my opinion, Brits do rocker cool better than anyone, and Kate and her guy are part of why. Just sayin’ — Roser

  3. Jessica

    We’ll cover the Moss wedding on Tuesday.

  4. GigiNYC

    I’m so glad you guys mentioned Wimbledon in your Fugs and Pieces. Tennis is the only sport I follow regularly. As for Federer being hot, hmmmmm, I don’t know… He’s certainly attractive but I wouldn’t call him hot. Rafa Nadal, on the other hand, is hotness personified. So beautiful…

  5. Mahastee

    Happy birthday!

  6. Rachel

    I got 8 out of 10 on the tennis grunt matching quiz. Does this mean I watch too much tennis?

  7. Miriam

    Congratulations! Long live Gofugyourself, you girls are the best!!

  8. Jen

    I’m sorry, but if Andy Murray is hot then I’m a pineapple!

    And speaking of weddings, don’t forget there’s been another Royal one in Monaco. I actually liked her dress better than Kates as it was a little more unusual.

  9. april

    whoa, maybe amanda knox is innocent. my husband thought she was innocent, but i’ve always had a hard time with the fact that she tried to pin it on someone else. that article gave a reasonable explanation for that. thanks for sharing. she has my empathy now.

  10. Angel

    Please tell me that y’all are going to cover the wedding in Monaco too– there were some interesting frocks being worn by the wedding guests….. (And Naomi Campbell and Karl Lagerfeld were there!)

  11. Gosia

    Dudettes, you continue to read my mind! My precise thoughts when I saw these Scott Speedman photos last weeks were: “Oh, he’s alive! Damn he’s hot. Someone give him a job!”

    Just saying.

  12. Cosmoscosmitas

    So many attractive men at Wimbledon – which I guess is why my Cosmo horoscope told me I would meet a man watching the sport. I think the advice might have been a little misguided, though: http://cosmoscosmitas.tumblr.com/post/7137757884/june-the-prepster-hotties-will-swarm

  13. ali

    speedy has not aged a day since felicity. that boy has MAGIC in his veins.

    WTF is Teresa Palmer wearing? Why is it SO HORRIBLE? does she not have eyes?

  14. snob

    snob fashion source LOVES your blog and is your number 1 follower.. please take time to check out our new blog from aussie!

  15. witjunkie

    I’m having major Wimbledon withdrawals today, I’m all alone with my coffee.

    As to Federer…to me he is a thing of pure masculine beauty on the court, I love him in his shorts, with his floppy hair and beautiful skin, graceful and sweaty and making amazing plays (his between the leg shots actually GO IN). He makes me tingly. But all showered and combed and cleaned up? Not so much. I think that must be the Beckham thing. Women go mad for David Beckham and I’m like, eh? But I don’t watch soccer ; if I did I bet I would get it.

    I actually think Djoko is really handsome as well, too bad he can’t switch up the hair now and then.

  16. wtfnyc

    Agree completely that Federer should be ranked higher (and I find Nole annoying ever since his assy behavior at the US Open a few years ago, but I have never EVER found him hot or attractive!) but the real crime in that ranking is the complete lack of FERNANDO VERDASCO. Best looking guy on the tour by a mile!

    Andy Murray looks like a rat. A rat who chokes and needs a shower and a shave.