First of all, Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian readers in the house (all of whom I hope are reading this on Tuesday morning, bored at work after an awesome long weekend)!  Second, today is Go Fug Yourself’s SEVENTH BIRTHDAY. We are seven! We are in second grade! If we were a person, we’d have so many sleepovers and bike rides and Popsicles  and library books to look forward to this summer. And speaking of books, in honor of our birthday, we are giving away SEVEN autographed copies of our young adult novel SPOILED, along with a sweet little packet of OPI nail polish — in I’m Not Really a Waitress, That’s Hot, and Yodel Me On My Cell (that’s a metallic red, a hot pink, and an awesome blue).

Seven, of course, is a lucky number. And Heather and I are so lucky to still be here, writing for y’all. To get sappy for a moment, I can honestly say that GFY has changed our lives in countless ways, and that we could not be more grateful to Fug Nation for making that possible. Getting to meet you (and tweet you) has been some of the most fun that we’ve had, and we truly do love you guys. No site has smarter, funnier, more attractive, better dressed readers.

On to the contest!

A reminder of what the book that we can’t stop yapping about is all about:

The closest sixteen-year old Molly Dix has gotten to the red carpet is watching it on E!; gorgeous, spoiled Brooke Berlin was practically born on one in Beverly Hills. Their worlds couldn’t be farther apart, until Molly discovers the long-kept secret that sends her spinning into Brooke’s orbit: They share a father, Brick Berlin, movie megastar and tabloid regular. Intrigued (and a little bit terrified) by her Hollywood lineage, Molly dives into the deep end of celebrity life by moving to Southern California — where Brooke is waiting, armed with a smothering dose of ‘sisterly love’… and a plan.” (Want to read more? Here’s an excerpt.)


The first seven people to correctly guess the total number of posts we’ve published here on GFY, UP TO AND INCLUDING THIS ONE, but NOT including this afternoon’s Fugs and Pieces, win! If no one is correct, or fewer than seven people get it, the prize will go to the seven people whose guesses are the closest (either going over, or going under). Please email your guess to: [email protected], and good luck!  THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO ALL READERS AND CLOSES AT 9PM PACIFIC TIME ON TUESDAY, JULY 5TH. Good luck! Enter as often as you like!