Fugs and Pieces, December 21 2012


PHEW. The world hasn’t ended.  In celebration — and because of Christmas and New Years, and ALSO because this is the time of the year when celebs hole up on private islands and don’t leave the house at all — our posting schedule will be light indeed between now and next year. We’ll have some fun special posts popping up, so definitely check back at your leisure, but normal posting will not resume until Wednesday, January 2, 2013. And then it’s awards season, so get ready to roll. Until then, enjoy:

– Romeo Beckham is SO CUTE in his Burberry ad. (Lainey)

– Last week’s Indiana Jones/University of Chicago mystery: SOLVED! (Red Eye Chicago)

- Which Wes Anderson character are you? I am Luke Wilson’s character from The Royal Tenenbaums, which makes sense given that I secretly love Gywneth Paltrow and not-secretly love sweatbands. (Flavorwire)

– This is interesting/pretty graphic. They’ve exhumed the killers from In Cold Blood because DNA evidence may tie them to other crimes. (Time)

This guy made a gingerbread Downton Abbey. (Grubstreet)

– Vulture made a montage of all the characters and TV shows we lost this year. RIP RINGER!!!! Also, I enjoy that they used my favorite part of the One Tree Hill credits. (Vulture)

–This headline is spectacular: “Justin Bieber blasted by CA Hamster Association for giving pet to fan.” (Celebitchy)

The Cut tracked down a variety of original Playboy bunnies to see what they’re up to now. Most of them are doing damn well for themselves. (The Cut)

Grantland reviews the best of the year in sports — in highlight videos and gifs. Some of these gifs are gold, Jerry, GOLD! Also includes the Clipper’s Chris Paul’s son making fun of Blake Griffin, which is possibly my favorite thing of the year because THAT KID IS SO CUTE. (Grantland)

AND FINALLY,  in a treasured GFY tradition, BEHOLD:


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Comments (22):

  1. Andrew S.

    Happy Holidays ladies! thank you for another wonderful year of fun.

  2. anonymous

    Wherefore art thou, Wham???

  3. Kirst

    Oh George, how I love you, even though that coat makes you look like a bouffant teddybear

  4. maryse

    Last Christmas is my favorite christmas song by far. Thank you!

  5. April

    I could not love that video any more than I do at this moment. Everything cheesy and joyous about the 80s is contained within that video. Thanks!

    • jean

      I love how odd it is to see pop stars doing regular things like walking in the snow and hopping over a fence when they could have used the front driveway. Sigh. I do miss the era when videos told a story. Does this happen anymore or is it all about dancing and flashing lights now?

  6. Linda

    Thanks for George and his golden mane (and Andrew too). Have a great holiday!!!

  7. jean marie

    OK. The in memorium was totally fine until it got to the Vampire Diaries one which I WAS NOT EXPECTING, and then suddenly I had emotions.

  8. Ruth

    Was that Stephen Fry slumming it in the Wham video?? I swear the guy carrying in wood is him! I want to go to that awesome sleepover.

    • kSto

      That’s what I was wondering. Maybe Stephen needed a little extra Christmas cash.

  9. KayKay

    Love the song, don’t think I’ve ever seen the video even though I was a teenager in the 80s and in love GM. So much puffiness! Puffy hair… puffy coats… puffy boots.

  10. Rayna

    It’s just not Christmas without Wham! Thanks for that, H & J.

    Their hair is so……….big.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  11. Kari

    Big hair, bleached big hair, curly big hair; baggy, colorful jeans, knitted sweaters with shoulder details, ahhhh the 80s! Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you! Love from Oslo

  12. CranAppleSnapple

    I’m Steve Zissou, apparently. That’s fine, I love Bill Murray.

  13. Kris M

    Romeo looks cute for sure, but the picture kind of looks like Burberry used Elf Yourself software programming to make Gene Yourself, a program designed to make everyone look like Gene Kelly in the famous Singin’ in the Rain lamppost dance scene.

  14. Stephany

    It was the 80s and hair was big and proud! Thanks for sharing my favorite holiday video ever, and thanks for a year of laughs. You guys are the best!

  15. Talley Lach

    Romeo is adorable, but his head totally looks like it was Photoshopped in from another photo.

  16. jean

    Merry Christmas FugNation! Or Happy Holidays. You know, peace and good health and all that regardless of what you believe :^). And thank you Jessica and Heather for another year of entertainment and thoughtful analysis.

  17. Amy Farrah Fowler

    This is pure magic. Thank you, Fug Girls. How did we ever think George Michael was straight? He’s like my aunt Edna.

  18. Karen G

    What? No more Dirty Jobs?! Do I have to watch car commercials to get my Mike Rowe fix now?

  19. Tasha

    Will Fugs and Pieces no longer be running?