Fugs and Fabs: The Palm Springs Film Festival



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  1. glee

    Oh, Bradley – you had me at “A-team” (hangs head in shame, walks away).

    Comes back quickly to add: he has the most beautiful eye color.

  2. Erin

    Was wearing a blue a requirement? I mean, the color looks fab on everybody, but still.

    • Sarah

      I was wondering the same thing. Was the dress code black and blue or something?

  3. Maria

    Why have I never noticed before how much Naomi Watts looks like Tea Leoni. They could be sisters….

  4. Big Noise

    Mary Hart used to make me stabby on ET — she was just SO DAMN CHEERFUL — but she looks lovely here.

  5. MKKS

    Watts looks wonderful. I feel like Affleck’s outfit may be one of those that looked better in person. I wish Sally’s dress was in a color as well as being shorter. And finally Charro totally brought the Charro.

  6. Stefanie

    Bradley just does it for me. Period.

    So does Charo.

  7. Kat

    Helen Hunt is just ridiculously ageless; she looks fantastic. And now I want to watch Twister.

    Also, Bill Pullman, I love you dearly, but whaddup with the Canadian Tuxedo!?

  8. Jules

    Helen Hunt makes me stabby. I never, ever accepted her as the super sexy love interest she kept getting cast as for a while. Just like when they kept trying to cast Jack Black as a romantic lead. Um, no. Also, for years, she was voted the number one worst celebrity to ask for an autograph or picture. Reportedly really rude and awful. So I can’t really objectively view her, regardless of what she’s wearing.

    • Kit

      Oh god – gotta totally disagree on the “super sexy love interest” – she was totally MY “super sexy love interest” for a number of years. lol

      I totally agree with the Jack Black thing though.

    • Conchobara

      Oh, thank God. I felt like the more famous Helen Hunt got in real life, the meaner her character got on Mad About You. So much that I would have welcomed Jamie plummeting to her death from their amazing apartment, and Paul soliloquizing (yeah, that’s a word now) for the rest of the show’s lifespan. She always looks peevish and bitchy.

      And I could never buy her as the great beauty love interest. She got too angular and harsh, like her body was reflecting her personality. If you look back at the beginning of MAY she was a little heavier (hardly!) AND her character was nicer.

      As you may note, this has long bothered me. #dork #MAYfan4eva

  9. Jen

    What a random group of people! This is a time warp.

    I’m totally with you on the Argo hair. I didn’t really like it on him when he was sporting it in real life, but in the movie he was sexier than he ever is clean-shaven. (That could also have had something to do with my recent Sons of Anarchy marathons… I have definitely loosened up in the facial hair category since watching that show. Rrrow!)

  10. Elle

    This dress might work on a woman with more striking curves. On such a slim figure it’s just a bunch of cloth with an opening for the head and tied at the waist.

  11. Chrissy

    I don’t really like Naomi Watt’s dress. She looks lovely from the neck up, but the dress makes her look too skinny and unhealthy. Helen Hunt also used to bug the heck out of me, but she looked pretty good here.

    • Scouse Helen

      I agree, Naomi Watts looks too thin. I hope her portrayal of blessed lady Di isn’t so method that she acquired an eating disorder to get into character.

      Bonus Charo! Made my day.

      • Kristen

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Naomi looks really really thin.

  12. Jeannine

    Helen Hunt doesn’t age well, it’s just that she has always looked 49.

  13. Amanda In Austin

    You could update your Fug Madness brackets with that picture of Charo!

    I’m having Love Boat flashbacks!

  14. Sandra

    Were the prom colors black & blue this year? I love the color of Naomi Watts’ dress, but it’s basically a formal bathrobe. That is too big for her.

  15. Donna4Eva

    Charo looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy, which is probably exactly how she should look.

    And I guess Naomi Watts looks nice, but something about her perfect blonde hair and skinniness makes her look so very generic. Like she could be any aspiring starlet that just moved to LA from the midwest in hopes of getting a role on a sitcom pilot.

  16. Janiekettles

    That is not Ben Affleck. That is the Ben Affleck Action Figure.

  17. Kit

    Ben Affleck: it’s the PIPING that makes it look like a novelty act. He’s still in the 70’s!

    Sally Field: longer OR shorter – but right now it looks like it’s totally too short to be a long dress and too long for anything else she was trying for.

    Bill Pullman was completely unrecognizable. Also – the denim pajamas? Not the look.

    Charo. OMG. How is it possible that Charo has looked EXACTLY the same for 40 years?!!!??? Horribly disfigured portrait in her attic I’m thinking…

    ALSO in “conspicuously absent” – where the HAY is Helen Mirren in that fabulous red dress?! She was the reason for the party, after all! (Or is she getting her own post?)

  18. Megan

    Maybe it’s just this picture, but I thought Naomi was a blond Elizabeth Hurley.

  19. maryse

    ahh charo. you delight me. also, she reminds me of fergie.

  20. Fifie

    How OLD is Charo, anyway? I remember seeing her on the Merv Griffin show in the 60s (when I was a kid).

    • Kit

      61. :)

      • Kit


        A bit of fascinating trivia:
        Official documents in Murcia, Spain (where she was born) and the United States indicate she was born in 1941, but Charo has insisted she was born in 1951 and persuaded a United States court to uphold the 1951 birth year as official.[citation needed]

        The performer has said in past interviews that her parents allowed her to falsify her age to appear to be older after marrying 66-year-old band leader Xavier Cugat when she was 15.[3] Further complicating the question is the fact that contemporary press reports gave her age at marriage as 21,[4][5] an April 1966 column on the wedding plans stated she was 20 and Cugat was 60,[6] and columns less than two years before the marriage refer to her as Cugat’s “18-year-old protegée” — which, if she was falsifying her age, would have made her actually 13 at the time.[7] In October 1977[8] — the same year in which Charo filed for divorce from Cugat and became an American citizen — a United States court upheld the 1951 birth year as official, with the performer providing a sworn statement from her parents in support of her claim.[9] Commenting on the disputes over her age, she has said that the public’s disbelief could prove advantageous: “But if people really believe I’m older, that’s fine. Don’t be surprised if I come out with my own cosmetics, a new energy bar and maybe some vitamins.”[3]

        source: Wikipedia

        • Stefanie

          SO really, no one knows how old she is. I do love a good age scandal but her marrying a 60y/o man at 13-15? EW!

        • Kit

          TOTALLY on the squick train with you sistah!

  21. Rayna

    How refreshing to have a mostly normal looking group of entertainers looking mostly good, especially after the plethora of cracked out space aliens auditioning for parts in a crypto-porno-horrorshow.

    Helen Hunt typifies the triumph of elegant simplicity that is simply elegant.

    And Sally Field, another person I irrationally love, does a tasteful decollete without the nervous making possibility of wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen. She could have gone a little shorter, but I’m in a Downton Abbey induced haze, so I’m OK with this length.

  22. Vandalfan

    Sally is 66. Charo is 61. I love ‘em both, and they each look great.

    I’m hoping Afleck’s piping is just the reflection of pricey, smooth satin, because otherwise he’d look like a cheap plastic handbag.

    Naomi and Bill came in their best jammies.

  23. Erin

    I went off Bradley Cooper for a bit, especially during all that Sexiest Man Alive hooha last year. But he totally redeemed himself with how gracious and funny and charming he was during his press tour for Silver Linings. And the hair (which Natalie Morales on Today referred to as Barry Manilow hair) is for Hangover 3, I believe. Either way, I’m back on board his fan bandwagon.

  24. Mouse

    Charo is like the grown up doppelganger of Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World. WOW

  25. Lynne

    This collection of celebrities is totally wacked out. I really want to believe that Affleck and Charo chatted about suit tailoring while waiting at the bar.

    Also, props to Charo for finding a look and sticking with it. Wikipedia tells me she’s turning 61 this month, by the way.

  26. val.

    Oh man. What has happened to Bill Pullman?

  27. jerkygirl

    Naomi Watt’s disco bathrobe isn’t thrilling me, but I’m not totally gnashing my teeth at it either; Ben Affleck is one straw boater away from looking like the guy who’ll guess your weight for 2 bits at a carnival in 1929; Bill Pullman really needs to get his name embroidered in yellow on those golf cart-fixin’ duds there; I have loved Helen Hunt since “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and to this day I want a hat with a praying mantis on it; I don’t really “get” Bradley Cooper, but I think it’s just because he seems like the type who’d wear flip-flops with baggy white pants and I don’t like that look but he looks nice here; and CHARO!!! has the best tuxedo here.

  28. ok

    My god, Bradley Cooper!

    ::fans herself::

  29. Carol

    Oh good grief Charo’s lips will haunt my nightmares. As giant lips chasing me while I desperately try to run away but can’t. Don’t you hate those dreams where it feels like your feet are stuck in gooey caramel??

    Bill Pullman…wow. This needs an intervention!

  30. ringthing

    Ben Affleck’s jacket reminds me of Captain Kangaroo. I love both of them though.


  31. Other Emily

    I also found Affleck’s hair and beard in Argo strangely compelling. By which I mean extremely hot. Which is weird, because I don’t like his look that much usually, and when my husband grew a beard I made him shave it after only a week.

    I love Naomi Watts and I think she looks slinky and lovely in that dress.

    • Amy

      I agree with the comments about Ben Affleck hair and beard, after seeing Argo I was dissapointed in seeing him with short hair and clean shaven (which baffles me because I had a giant poster of him from Armageddon on my wall for years when I was a teengar and he had short hair then)

    • RebekahMacd

      Ben Affleck in Argo was totally hot, and has finally placed me firmly in the Beard Camp. My 16-year-old self is so sad with me. But when my hubby first grew a beard a couple of years ago I made him shave it off after a week, only to discover that I LOVED the beard (I might have cried a little at its loss…) and made him grow it again. He is still bearded.

  32. witjunkie

    Clearly what is NOT happening with Charo, is her roots.

    But dayum! She still has a hot figure and if she’d kept her lipliner inside the lines I’d have nothing to say.

    And yeah, I’ve always thought Baffleck was sorta pretty but he’s never made me say ‘wow’…but the Argo thing? Wow.

  33. Anya

    I was hoping you’d go with the title “The Palm Springs Fugstival”. Alas.

  34. Trace

    If Charo is 61 then I’m 19! Also, how old is Mary Hart? Seems like she’s been around forever and has looked exactly the same for the past 30 years.

  35. roser

    I also think the same thing whenever I see Mary Hart. And remember how in his seizures Kramer called out “Yo Yo Ma”? Thank you, Jessica!

    Also, Bradley Cooper = wow.

  36. lilywise

    Is Charo making a play to win her namesake Fug Madness bracket??

  37. openroses

    Charo is a national treasure. I have fond memories of my best male friend in high school standing on a desk in the photography classroom go-go dancing and singing “Cuanto le gusta” at the top of his lungs. He painted a huge portrait of Charo for one of his senior art projects. It made high school bearable.

    Also, her tux looks great, although, like Affleck’s, her bow tie is disproportionately small. She seems aware of this, however, as if she did it on purpose. Cooper’s got the right size bow tie. Affleck, however, does in fact look like an organ grinder’s monkey.

  38. Mara

    Oh my god, Bradley Cooper.

  39. Jabes

    I’ll give Charo a pass on anything she wants to wear, sort of like Dolly Parton. Plus, her father was a dissident during Franco’s dictatorship, which is damn bad ass. If she wants to shimmy and cuchi-cuchi for the rest of her days, I’m cool with that.

  40. TonyG

    I like Charo. I do. But that make-up!!! Yikes! Between the ghostly color and the spider eyes, she it’s like she’s a living caricature portrait of herself. The hip thrust, though, I love!

  41. Sally

    There is absolutely NO WAY that Charo is 61. This I know because I saw her in person when she played at the Royal York Hotel’s Imperial Room in Toronto in 1972. I was in grade 13 (yes, we had that in Canada) at the time. I will be 59 this year, and there is NO WAY that Charo was two years older than I was! She was already well known then and had been around for a while. I guess she is in an eternal time warp. But clearly, the 1941 year of birth is the correct one. That would make her 29 at the time, not 19!

  42. Sajorina

    Helen Hunt looks SO F*CKING AWESOME! It’s ah-mazing how effortlessly GORGEOUS she is… Damn, she was my favorite thing about “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”! She’s aging BEAUTIFULLY!

  43. meggiemoo

    Charo is the originator of duck face…

  44. Cheryl

    I’ve always thought Ben Affleck was a novelty act.

    Even that photo cannot erase my deep and abiding love for Charo; I just see her in my mind as being perpetually aboard The Love Boat!

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