Olivia Pope would REALLY NEVER. Although I am grateful for the opportunity to veer off topic here for a sec to talk about Scandal and say: Can we just talk about how Fitz is (was? I DO hope he lives) possibly kind of a terrible president? I get that he is doing a lot of LONGING after Olivia and whatnot but DUDE YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES YOU NEED TO FOCUS. Stop looking out the window/trying to make out with Olivia whilst pretending to me hiking/spending your meetings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff daydreaming! Shonda Rhimes, here’s my note: Next time you are tempted to write a scene where someone is yapping about how Yemen is on fire (or whatever) but Fitz is staring at a tree and thinking about girls, can you PLEASE instead open the scene with him saying, “I think we’ve finally cracked this Yemen thing,” and THEN segue into DayDreamVille. It’s much sexier to be having a sordid affair with a dude who is also really good at his job. It’s not like Derek Shepard ever started doodling Meredith’s name on someone’s brain while he was in surgery.

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