Last awards season, only about a month shy in the proceedings of where we are now actually, Shailene Woodley wore this lacy dress in support of The Descendants. Fug Nation was split — 56 percent of you loved it, and the rest felt either negatively or ambivalent, saying she looked too mother-of-the-bride or that it didn’t belong on anyone under 35. So let’s see how it flies with you on Diane Lane — who is over 35, could therefore be the mother of a bride, and if you think about it, kind of looks like a grown-up Shailene Woodley.

I wonder if the fact that Shailene’s hair covered the camisole strap part of the dress is a reason I’m liking the bodice part better on her. I also think the length is more ideal on Shailene, but somehow I can see the waist detail a bit clearer on the photo of Diane and it seems more flattering there. But either way, the whole concept does still scream “wedding,” with its combination of lace and satiny slip — on Shailene it’s the bridesmaid dress she’ll never wear again, and on Diane, she KIND OF looks like the Mother of the Bride had this on under her actual dress, trapped a groomsman in the coat room, and has begun a seduction. All of which is to say that I can’t quite find my way around this dress on Diane any more than I could on Shailene, except to say that to my surprise — even though it’s not a typically “young” dress — I might prefer it on the whippersnapper. No affront to Diane Lane intended. She’s older than I am, but if I woke up tomorrow and looked exactly like her, I would be so stoked that even the Mars Rover would look up from its crater and be like, “Huh, that was loud.”

PIck one (vis a vis the dress, not for life purposes):

  • Diane (57%, 3,100 Votes)
  • Shailene (16%, 885 Votes)
  • Neither (14%, 751 Votes)
  • Both (13%, 704 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,440

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