It’s rare that you see a dress that’s SUPPOSED to have a bare midriff actually have it DENIED.

As unimpeachable as I imagine her midriff is, I think the changes she made to this to make it less naked are to her advantage. I like the silvery grey color. But even with her adjustments, it’s basically lace swaddling — a glorified, expensive toga, which is bandaging her up and basically doing nothing to enhance the figure it was reconceived to hide. I’m not sure it was worth the effort in the first place, but since it’s not one of the more ragingly inane Marchesa confections of the last few years, I’m throwing it to the voting wolves of Fug Nation. You can snack on my ambivalence before tucking into the main course.

Which do you like BETTER, at least?

  • Runway (27%, 1,159 Votes)
  • Reality (73%, 3,057 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,216

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