We saw this, and trembled at its evils, on Mamie Gummer at the Oscars. I’m actually sort of surprised that a top model like Karlie Kloss would ever wear something at an event this high-profile had been done already at another high-profile event. Maybe that’s more common than I think, but if I were her, this would feel like a fair time to throw a diva strop.

Mamie lined her skirt with black where Karlie’s is see-through, which definitely gave it a heaviness that contradicts the original design’s ethereal intentions. She also had the turquiose part of the bodice expanded, versus Karlie’s more perfunctory modesty panel. Beyond that, Karlie is leaning on bodice netting in a really sickly hue, and then basically a strip of lace over her nethers that looks like an eggplant loincloth. Frankly, I think it’s totally hideous on both of them. But between all that taupe boob pancake up there and the overwrought makeup, I think the supermodel might, strangely, look a little bit worse, which I hope will be worth a glass of celebratory moonshine for Mamie this morning.

You have to pick the one that's worse. No, you do. BE STRONG. PICK IT.

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  • Mamie's is worse (53%, 2,693 Votes)

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