If THIS is how we’re going to kick off awards season….I am delighted. We’ve got Michelle Yeoh looking like a chic, rich, eccentric lover of fashion (which I imagine she mostly is; I cannot weigh in on her level of eccentricity) with secrets to tell and memorable parties to throw, a woman who has foiled a number of art forgeries and occasionally steps in to help out the CIA with problems she’s not at liberty to discuss.

And Stephanie Hsu is dressed as her sweet, clever niece who comes to stay at the New York penthouse while she’s interning at the Met and has a real adventure with her aunt one summer:

The 34th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala, California, USA - 05 Jan 2023

She’s dressed as a sweet romantic who just might have sneakers on under there. I’m sure someone’s already working on this script, but type faster.

[Photos: John Salangsang/Shutterstock]