Fuggie Grace

Maggie Grace seems to be one of the few people from Lost who hasn’t parlayed that into something else, and/or stayed very visible. Which could be by choice, for all I know, but it’s just interesting to me to see how those pieces scattered over the years. Then again, it took Ian “Boone” Somerhalder a while to find Damon Salvatore, so Maggie’s breakout might be around the corner (indeed, I am editing this to note that apparently yeseterday she got cast in a FOX pilot) and then in two years she’ll be a three seed in Fug Madness and we’ll be calling her the new Jessica Chastain or something.

Okay, that might not happen, but a Fug Madness run could, if she keeps up with this:

“Genius” and “genie” may share a partial Latin derivation, but it stops there, sweet child.

“Genius” and “knee-pit sweat control” don’t even have THAT in common:

I suppose if we find out she’s been leading a quiet life as she grapples with Hyperactive Patellar Pore Syndrome, I will feel bad. Unless in three years a high Fug Madness seeding comes entirely from things she wears on her ensuing telethon.

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  1. Caitlin

    This just reminds me of Lady Sybil’s pantaloons dress…so maybe she’s just a fan of Downton Abbey?

  2. Jane

    This hurts me.

    Also, I do believe it is SomerhAlder, not SomerhOlder. This is obviously an issue of deep national importance.

  3. skippy

    Weirdly enough, she actually has one of the better careers post-LOST. Her international box office gross thanks to Taken an appearing in one of the Twilights (both grossed well over +$200M) puts her near the top of a lot of casting lists. Seriously, who would have thought that annoying Shannon would have the best movie career of the bunch so far?

    Time for a stylist!

  4. Marcus Brody

    She has a similar look to Leslie Bibb. Maybe she can show up on GCB as the long-lost sister once that show gets to the point where they run out of storylines and need a “long-lost charcter”.

  5. Chasmosaur

    She was also in Taken, apparently they’re making a Taken 2. And she just got announced for a pilot with Kevin Bacon. I think she’s probably got good residuals to tide her over.

    She obviously isn’t spending them on good clothes.

    • megs283

      What? They’re making a Taken 2? Did she not learn about jetting off to European countries without a chaperone?

  6. Sandra

    That could have been so perfect if it had turned out to be a navy-blue shift dress with an interesting back. Instead it sprouted into a jumpsuit with a back that doesn’t fit. It must be burned–or donated to Stella McCartney, on whom it would be an improvement.

  7. Heather

    She still hasn’t been terrible visible… And I have seen all the twilights and I didn’t have any idea she was in it. Guess she is just being stealth. Although she did just get a recurring role on a new FOX pilot, so my timing is impeccable here, apparently. ;)

  8. vandalfan

    Ventilated Genie- based jumpsuit? Those words should not even be in the same sentence.

  9. Geemeedee

    Serious scroll-down side back fug. I actually started at the top saying, “hey, this isn’t so bad” and wound up crying in a corner by the time I got to the back.

    • Geemeedee

      Also: I wanted her character to not be rescued in “Taken.” That gives you a idea of how excited I am at the idea of a “Taken Again.”

      • Katharine

        Agree on both points. Maggie Grace was embarrassingly bad in that movie : maybe she was directed to play a character much younger than herself in such a cringeworthy way. I didn’t make it to the end of the movie out of indifference to her fate.

  10. Katie

    I know this is an odd nit to pick, but ‘genie’ is not derived from Latin. It’s Arabic. /etymologygeek

    Oh, the clothes, right. I agree with Geemeedee. At the first picture, I thought it’s not bad, for a jumpsuit. After scrolling down, I needed a drink.

  11. I.K.

    I seriously went like “Ooouuf” out loud. What is even this. What.

  12. Amber

    The words that came out of my mouth were, “What the hell is this?!?” Thank goodness I’m at home and not at work, or around other people. That would be hard to explain. Or, on second thought, maybe not so much.
    But seriously, what the hell is this? Or, more importantly, WHY the hell does this exist?

  13. Mongerel

    Dang it Heather you owe me a new keyboard for “Hyperactive Patellar Pore Syndrome”!

  14. Claire L

    Ian was doing Vamp Diaries and Lost at the same time for a while there. I remember thinking how completely hot I thought Damon was…and how not so hot I thought Boone was.

  15. Sajorina

    Honestly, compared to all the FUG I’ve had to endure during Fug Madness 2012, this doesn’t look that bad to me… I think she looks pretty cute and I love her light brown hair color!

    • Mahastee

      Yeah, maybe I have my Fug Madness Goggles on, but I think she looks quite okay. I would have loved a necklace to break it up though.

  16. Shiitake

    Diggin’ the shoes and clutch.

  17. NYCGirl

    That is not good. And yet it’s better than anything her “killer,” Michelle Rodriguez, has ever worn.

  18. Girlin

    I really really want this to be Holmes & Yang so we can laugh about that some more….