I’m glad Analeigh Tipton here continues to get work. I think a former ANTM contestant turned Gosling-adjacent actor is possibly Tyra’s best success story yet.

I am NOT glad that she decided to waltz out of the house tonight wearing a pillowcase. Girl, you have so many occasions ahead of you to wear a pillowcase. When you are old. When a terrible break-up plus a crippling Doritos addiction combine to take over the months of May-October one year and then you wake up on Halloween and none of your pants fit. One of the early months of pregnancy when your regular clothes don’t fit but mostly people are just suspecting that your Doritos addiction has reared its ugly head once more. Pillowcase Night down at the Palladium. TONIGHT IS NOT ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS.

In case you were wondering about what looks like her bra straps:

That is on purpose. Sigh. The kids. Are they really all right?