Maggie Grace seems to be one of the few people from Lost who hasn’t parlayed that into something else, and/or stayed very visible. Which could be by choice, for all I know, but it’s just interesting to me to see how those pieces scattered over the years. Then again, it took Ian “Boone” Somerhalder a while to find Damon Salvatore, so Maggie’s breakout might be around the corner (indeed, I am editing this to note that apparently yeseterday she got cast in a FOX pilot) and then in two years she’ll be a three seed in Fug Madness and we’ll be calling her the new Jessica Chastain or something.

Okay, that might not happen, but a Fug Madness run could, if she keeps up with this:

“Genius” and “genie” may share a partial Latin derivation, but it stops there, sweet child.

“Genius” and “knee-pit sweat control” don’t even have THAT in common:

I suppose if we find out she’s been leading a quiet life as she grapples with Hyperactive Patellar Pore Syndrome, I will feel bad. Unless in three years a high Fug Madness seeding comes entirely from things she wears on her ensuing telethon.

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