Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap, 305

For some reason, this episode was totally chockablock with people high-fiving each other. I LOVE a high-five, but this episode had like, seven of them. David Paymer directed it and I would like to believe that he just has a high-five fetish and firmly believes that no show is complete without several. Also: Meatball chains himself to a gazebo and sings a love song name-checking zombies, which is the second time this show has associated zombies with romance. Finally, no shirts are removed, but several people do get hella wasted, and I don’t even realize AB isn’t in this episode until she pops up in the previews for next week. Oops.

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  1. marie

    It’s only in this page that I feel safe enough to admit that I squeed like a tween when Wade said that line. I’m hoping him and Zoe are still the endgame because I really want him for the good doctor. Those metallic shorts btw, weren’t they the aame ones Zoe wore for the Foundation Day parade at the start of this season?

    • Jessica

      Believe it or not, no. Those were gold sequined with a tuxedo stripe (I did NOT know that from memory, I had to look it up.)

      Zoe owns many a short, it seems.

    •  Steph NZ

      Team Zade all the way!!

  2. Chera

    Those are METALLIC shorts we are to believe she wore TO CHURCH.

  3. swimmyfish

    Zoe may not have ruined George’s life, but she is absolutely the reason he did not get a haircut this week, which is completely unforgivable. #TeamHaircut

    Also, I totally want a t-shirt that says “Take that, Fillmore!” Even if that’s from the Fug-caps, rather than the show itself.

    • Tamarin

      I’m pretty sure Lavon did actually say “Take that, Fillmore” since Fillmore is Bluebell’s Eagleton.

      • swimmyfish

        Then someone on the HoD staff should make that shirt pronto, so I can buy it.

  4. Julia


  5. Tamarin

    Joel is becoming more likeable, and thanks to that ziplining stunt, he too, like George, has tween fangirls.

    I suspect Lynly seems younger than she actually is due to the fact that she is completely immature. Lavon said earlier that she is a really bad student (hence the tutoring), so it’s possible a few years have passed since she was last in school (guessing college here). So the actual age gap may not be *that* big, but she is still hiding some major crazy.


    • Sandra

      If she’s a really bad student she might as well save herself the trouble of the LSAT. Good test scores don’t make up for bad grades. Plus, then there’s three years of law school and the bar exam. George can’t actually go with her.

      • Jessica

        AND being a laywer. Lynly does not seem like someone I would trust with my legal issues.

    • Annie E

      And how could she be soooo terrible at the LSAT but some sort of trivia whiz? These skills don’t necessarily overlap but she seems like a spacey dunce so I can’t believe that she is that great at trivia. She’s the worst thing about this show.

      • Eli

        Sadly, I went to law school with a lot of people who were much better at bar trivia than the law. LOL.

  6. SugarMagnolia

    Meatball is on one of those insipid “he went to Jared” commercials! I literally just saw it and yelled “MEATBALL!” at my TV screen. It aired during the a Texas-WVU game, so it was sports bar-themed. It also featured Meatball in a sport coat, mock turtleneck, and gold chain.

  7. Mimi

    I can’t believe that Gilmore Girls never came up with a Gazebo of the Month calendar.

  8. Lauren

    I love Lemon’s “My Back Is Hiding Jaime’s Pregnancy” dress. Without it my life is as bleak as a world where Wade wears a shirt EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

  9. Natalie 

    Wade is indeed very funny in this episode. There’s a line he says to Lynly in the Rammer Jammer – “How you doin’ there loney hearts club?” – and the way he says it and the look on his face had me in stitches.

    As much as I love this show (and I love it a lot), my enjoyment of it is infinitely increased by reading these posts and the hilarious comments afterwards. I wish we could all sit in a room together and watch.

    • swimmyfish

      Me too! I don’t feel like my weekly HoD experience is complete until the fugcap is up and I’ve had a chance to read everyone’s hilarious comments.

  10. Courtney

    I hope we get to see more of The Rev this season. He’s always very funny to me. But much less of Frank the PI – the laughs at his expense feel so cheap. HOD can do much better than that.

    Jaime King is having an extra awesome season isn’t she ? She’s so glowy and natural and I completely forgot about the hidden baby bump this episode. I’m glad she got to wear something other than a white sleeveless top this week.

    My disdain for Joel continues to grow, but I’m at the point where I kind of love to hate him, so there’s that. Also, I’m Team Linly, you guys. Maybe because she’s an underdog or maybe because the show falls dangerously close to Twee Territory sometimes and she gives it a sense of balance.

  11. understateddiva

    I don’t watch the show, but I like reading these recaps. When I saw “Meatball chains himself to a gazebo and sings a song about zombies” I read “Meatloaf chains…” and thought that the show had truly gone off the rails.

  12. Shelby

    OMG! GFY Jessica, you are awesome. I was laughing aloud through the entire post. Your captions/plot summaries are fantastic!!!

  13. TonyG

    I couldn’t figure this sentence out and it’s bothering me (my obsessive compulsive nature has kicked in so I need y’alls help):

    “Joel.. goes haring off to zipline to win back his lady”

    Is “haring” a typo. Am I just clueless on today’s slang. Is it an inside-the-show lingo reference? Help!

  14. Eli

    I wish Bluebell existed and that I could live there. And it’s not (entirely) because of the volume of pastries there.

    Is one of the evil Belles annoying Maya from the Bold and the Beautiful, who went from being wrongfully incarcerated with heinous hair to a supahmodel for Forrester Creations in about 3 and a half days? I thought it may be her last week but wasn’t on my screen long enough to verify.

  15. TheReset

    They can’t hide the pregnancy boobs. Just sayin. :-/

  16.  Nikki


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  18. Samantha

    Ok, now I admit that I don’t really watch the show. I just love the recaps. I have seen a few episodes, though. But my question is this: am I the only one who might actually be team George? Because Scott Porter is adorable, and Wilson Bethel (get a first name, dude) looks like a redneck. I don’t care how nice his abs are. Also, I feel this is exactly like how, on Gilmore Girls, everyone wanted Lorelei and Luke to end up together. I guess I’m just a snob, but find someone who’s your equal, ladies. Don’t slum it with the grumpy, rednecky guy.

    • nmml

      You are not alone — I am 1000000% team George. It’s well established that Zorge is meant to be. BUT, you lost me with the “find your equal” part. I think that’s the point — Zoe and Wade are very different, but they work on a lot of levels. Wade is rough around the edges, but he’s not a redneck…he’s got a good heart and he’s VERY smart/savvy, really.

      I want Zoe with George not because Wade sucks (I actually think he’s wonderful), but because George LEFT HIS FIANCE AT THE ALTAR for her, and is adorable and wonderful and edgy in his own way.

      I want Wade to find love too, just not with Zoe.

    • Ellen

      Team George here too! The pilot episode did it for me. When he picked her up on the side of the road when she first came to Bluebell, they had this immediate connection that caught me instantly. That’s why I want to see them end up together and I was happy to finally see some George and Zoe interaction again.

      Although George is my favorite, I like all the guys on the show, including Joel. I think he did wonders for Zoe’s character this season. It’s nice to see Wade doing so well with the RJ. Lemon is fantastic and she looks lovelier than ever.

  19.  Jess


  20. Megan

    Clearly this is a very unpopular view, but I LOVE Joel! I want him and Zoe to work out because he’s so perfect for her. He not only puts up with her drama and doesn’t care at all that her ex-boyfriends are always around, but he seems to just really enjoy her general zaniness, unlike the others who mostly seem to just deal with it. I love him!

  21. KatyKat

    I had to go back to the season finale from season 1 to feel happy again. HoD is really wearing me down with George’s haircut, Lemon not being super bitchy, and Wade always beshirted. STOP IT.