Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap

Soooooo, everyone in this episode acted kind of like an ass. With the exception of Lemon. How times have changed. This time last year, I never would have guessed that Lemon would emerge from an episode as the only character for whom I had any sympathy — or who didn’t squander the sympathy I did have. (Okay, I am still sympathetic to Lavon, but his relationship with AB has proven to me that apparently I have a limit on how much AB I find enjoyable.) This whole thing was just full of people wearing their Bad Idea Jeans.

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  1. Carrie

    Thank you for the righteous anger, Jessica. This show is adrift.

  2. MartyB

    I’m a few episodes behind, but I was just watching the OC the other day (for about the fourth time I think) while procrastinating from studying and HNW is in an episode with Rachel Bilson!! It’s the first season one where she does the kissing booth and Seth stands on the table and says “acknowledge me now or lose me forever.” HNW is the male half of the kissing booth! I was so tickled to see that HNW and Summer had a connection from way back when :)

    • LT1

      I was watching a Veronica Mars episode with LBB and Lavon–they didn’t have a scene together but it was fun to see them in the same show.

      • jay

        Jaime King and Rachel Bilson both pop up in the terriblemazing movie Waiting For Forever, too, as I noticed the other day. The HoD cast are CRAZY interlinked.

        • Megan

          I actually started watching HOD both because I love Rachel Bilson, and because it was like a reunion of people who were on Friday Night Lights, but never at the same time.

  3. Mooshki Mitchell

    Sadly, the previews for next week aren’t promising, either. But maybe we’ll get lucky and there will be formal shorts.

  4. Gigi

    Old Lady Fug Nation is depending on you, Jessica. Please try hard to NOT blank on Tim Matheson screenshots. Write it down on a sticky and put it on your tv. We need him, er, you, er, him. OK, both of you!

  5. Courtney

    Aw, I kind of liked this episode! Shelby was way out of line though – especially seeing as it was already established that she was having money problems of her own when she moved into the house. I adore LBB and generally I really enjoy Shelby, but not so much this episode.

    And Wade shouldn’t have slept with Zoe. I realize they needed to do that in anticipation of next episode, but she was in a vulnerable moment and he knew that.

    • ┬áLiz985

      I think Shelby was getting a little payback from Lemon on this one. Lemon had crossed the line a few times in trying to rid the Breeland household of Shelby. Lemon backed herself into a corner with that one and later admitted that Shelby was right.

  6. laura

    Is anybody else creeped out by Lemon’s talons, er, I mean nails?

  7.  Liz985

    My biggest complaint of late – Zoe, an intelligent, accomplished woman/character, has been subjected to an awful lot of crap and is being made to feel that she’s damaged somehow. With two men, she’s put herself out there. She took a chance on Wade and got her heart stomped (and he still hasn’t had the cajones to admit that he loves her). She’s told George, twice!, that she is attracted to him and wants to explore a relationship only to have him say he loves another woman. I wouldn’t blame her if she washed her hands of both of them. Let’s get the confident, not too crazy, Dr. Zoe Hart back.

    • Jessica

      I think that’s a great point. She puts herself out there A LOT, and it never works out. Which is really depressing.

  8. Calla

    -I like that Lavon and Lemon both seem to have fully moved on from each other. (The hug seemed like a friendship hug, not a something-more hug.) (Or am I misreading?)

    -As much as I liked George and Tansy together, for the last couple of episodes Tansy did seem unwarrantedly paranoid about Zoe to me – like paranoid to the extent that it started to seem more like she was a plot device than a person, which leads me to my next concern…

    -I have been finding this show just as charming as you have, but I have begun to worry that, like many CW-produced/Josh Schwartz-created shows, it may be in danger of losing its awesomeness and degenerating into nonsense. I was frustratedly loyal to Gossip Girl until its very end, and I would hate to make that mistake again in terms of irritation and time commitment. All this is to say: someone will need to sound the alarm if Hart of Dixie loses its way, too. I don’t trust myself to see it coming.

  9. Sajorina

    This episode was so frustrating! Zoe has lost her mojo and her damn mind! By the end of the episode I was yelling at her “No! You can’t! Don’t do it, Zoe! Oh, NOOOOOOOO!” I am actually disappointed in her! I always knew she was flawed, that’s part of her charm, but I never thought she would do something so stupid! And I am disgusted by Wade!

  10. Charlotte

    I think the main upshot of the past couple of episodes is that Zoe needs a Get A Grip Friend, for real. As does Tim Matheson, really. Hey, here’s a thought, writers – considering that Zoe just had a Big Revelation that Tim Matheson is like a father to her, maybe – just maybe – she could talk to him about things? and he could talk to her about things? I know, it’s a crazy thought that two people who supposedly care deeply about one another might have a heart to heart and call each other out on their respective mistakes. People never do stuff like that in real life.

  11. Sandra

    Are these people all still in high school? That’s what their behavior seems to indicate. Although I can totally see the entire senior class rolling their eyes at the grown-ups misbehaving like this at a high school dance. Also, no 21st century Board of Education would let any of these people near this event anyway.

  12. Kelly

    Will someone PLEASE acknowledge Tansy’s heinous blue eyeliner. It makes her look like a White Walker.

  13. Vandalfan

    Yes, that is EXACTLY how I picture Heather and Jessica. Picture hats, stylish cocktail duds, and huge sunglasses, sipping something wicked out of large martini glasses on a sun-dabbled patio.

  14. taymen

    Thank you for making me feel less crazy everyone! I haven’t liked the last few epis at all. I thought I was cranky/ overreacting about the Zoe/Wade breakup, but I’m clearly not the only one who has been super disappointed by HoD on many levels lately. Love love love your recaps though!!

  15. MaryAnne

    They weren’t exactly inconspicuous, but AB and Mrs. Fillmore Mayor really did look fabulous in their “disguises” …