Fug or Fab the Makeover II: Katy Perry


I rather like Katy Perry this way.

One thing I’ve always appreciated about her is that she lets her porcelain skin be just that; as someone who all her life got annoying jokes about how my legs are so white they’re transparent, or whatever, I totally resent the idea that I need to tan myself (skin cancer) or bronze myself (orange is not my color) in order not to repulse people. All bets are off once I get vericose veins, or whatever, but the point is: Thank you to Katy for being a nice, normal human color most of the time. And relatedly, and more to the point of this post, I love how the black hair sets off her skin and giant blue eyes — very Snow White,  no?

And so of course she’s monkeying with it:

She said on Twitter that this is a necessary pit stop on the way to another color — most likely blonde, is my guess — and so it’s just a three-week reddish interlude. But I’m not sure what I make of the whole overhaul. Granted, it’s fun to change it up sometimes, but her aesthetic really worked for her. Here she’s starting to look more generic, and I fear the same fate for The Goal Hair. I can’t quite put my finger on who she looks like now, but it isn’t Katy Perry (and thus, no longer is it Zooey Deschanel). Maybe that’s the point. Maybe there’s no fun in that for her anymore. But she certainly made it LOOK fun. And looking like Zooey Deschanel is certainly not the worst fate I can imagine, since Zooey Deschanel is adorable and generally beloved, that hideous cotton commercial aside. So, I mean, if being cute and wearing angel wings and dresses that hoist up your giant bosoms isn’t enough in life, then what hope is there for the rest of us? Should I just give up and shove my head down a Pringles can?

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  1. Sandra

    The black is so perfect for her. If she wants to play with her hair, she could style it differently or get a different cut. Lighter is not gonna work at all. The dress is kinda cute, though.

  2. Dazie

    Princess Beatrice.

  3. Carolina Girl

    I don’t know how true it is, but I read somewhere that she is actually a natural blonde. If that’s true, then it’s a case where Mother Nature got it horribly wrong the first time. She should definitely stay a very dark brunette.

  4. Fish

    Dazie – you nailed it

  5. Hans

    she’s a natural blonde. Guess maybe she’s tired of dying her hair black all the time. But it’s kinda sad because being a brunette really suits her.

  6. Jacquilynne

    If that hair were a little redder (like it might be in the next step on the way to blond), she’d be firmly in Jayma Mays territory.

  7. Kristy

    I’m filled with trepidation, mostly for what her hair will look like on the way to (I’m guessing) blonde. I’ve actually seen her – in person – as a blonde, and she looked just fine. It’s a drastic change from the black (actually, it took me probably 2 years to realize she was the Katy Hudson I saw…oh my gosh, like 10 years ago), but it’ll be fine so long as she doesn’t go platinum. Oh, Katy, please don’t go platinum.

  8. Neil

    She looks like Vanessa Williams in the 2nd pic.

    I agree, stay with black, Katy.

  9. Stefanie

    Every once in a while I will log onto the internet and there will be an article or a post or something that relates to my life at that very instant. Lately, I’ve been kicking around the idea of going from a full head of dark brown hair to one of blonde. But, I’ve never made this drastic of a change so I’m full of apprehension. Then I come on to GFY and 2! -count ‘em 2!- posts show the dangers of going from dark to light. I know I probably shouldn’t do it, but I just want to be blonde for once in my life. I’m so confused…I need a drink.

    And call me crazy, but I kinda like the ginger on Katy. Of course, it could be my love of her clouding my judgment.

  10. Valerie

    I initially thought that the second pic was Alyssa Milano.

  11. Cathy

    Something about that looks screams Southern Soccer Mom to me.

  12. snuffy

    She’s just being Miley?

    I think the black has always given her an undeserved sexy badass-ness so if she goes back to her natural blonde she’ll probably look more like what she really is (a fluff-pop singer). Also, there’s the whole bonus aspect of she and her husband no longer looking like siblings.

  13. Geemee

    The black hair suits her just like red hair suits Christina Hendricks and Nicole Kidman. Sometimes, being born blonde ain’t all it’s cracked up to me. I’m sad that Katy is returning to her roots. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

  14. Sara L.

    Okay, I’m gonna go out on a limb, and say she is either pregnant, or wants to get pregnant, and doesn’t want to have the potentially poisonous dark hair dye on her conscience. Crazy?

  15. Janine

    Jacquilynne – I agree with you. First thing I thought when I saw the dress and the hair: Jayma Mays.

  16. Jasmine

    I personally love ginges– I think it’s a beautiful hair colour, and if she wanted to stay a ginge I’d totally love her still. She looks amazing with the dark hair, but honestly I’m super curious to see what she looks like blonde… and if she’ll keep her eyebrows dark too. My best friend is obsessed with Katy Perry’s eyebrows, and I know this will just give her another reason to be. “She’s blonde too, see? I could totally pull that off!”

  17. Libby

    Marie Osmond, definitely

  18. Megan

    Winona Ryder.

  19. megan

    Winona Ryder, circa “Heathers” (at least with the dark hair – with which she should stick)!

  20. JK

    I’m a natural blonde who also dyes it. My eyes are dark brown and as far as skin tone, let’s just say that my mother calls me Casper. I’ve kept my hair either auburn or rich brown since high school, because in all honest I need colour SOMEWHERE! Katy Perry, drop the Princess Beatrice style — unless you’re trying to make a mini-PerryBrand, in which case I can understand the break (even though the idea terrifies me).

  21. Nicky27

    Ehm…she looks lovely, but seriously, you guys, are we really that used to overly made up starlets that we think THIS is natural skincolor? Porcelain skin? SNOWWHITE? Come on now… She looks lightly bronzed and severly made up to me. She looks good, don’t get me wrong, but “natural” or “pale” this is not.

  22. qwertygirl

    Nothing gold can stay! Listen to the Outsiders, Katy! Listen to Pony Boy! I don’t care if you were Smurfette–please don’t do this!!!!

  23. sandy

    Nicky27, I had the same thought about here skin. Maybe we should call this “relative porcelain” — darker than JK’s Casper skin, but white-white-white when compared to the rest of the singers and starlets. And I suspect that is a thick layer of slap because there is not a blemish, spot, shadow or ANYTHING, but she does the made-up look really well.

    Does anyone know what kind of base she uses? My guess is this is not Cover Girl she got at Walmart. I also wonder what it looks like in real life as opposed to in photos.

  24. Jennie-Suz

    To me, she looks like Jayma Mays. And not that I don’t like Jayma Mays, but she looks like a cracked-out version of Jayma Mays instead of the original.

  25. Crystal

    Where is her skin under all that foundation?!

  26. Erin

    I will admit to having watched the “E! True Hollywood Story: Katy Perry.” She had blonde hair as a child and teenager and she even started her singing career as a blonde (when she was on the Christian music scene). When she went pop/rock, she also went for the darker hair.

    Seeing the pictures and video E! came up with, she looked great with blonde hair, but not as awesome as she does with dark hair. Her features “pop” more with dark hair, as others have mentioned.

  27. CJ

    I think the brunette pin-up hair really works for her, but I did read that she dyes it dark. Her hair is naturally much lighter, and they showed a cute picture of her as a kid to prove it. So, I can understand wanting to return to your natural color. But Sara L has a good point: if she wants to get pregnant, then returning to her natural color makes sense so her roots will match when she can’t dye it anymore.

    Can we talk about the lavender dress? Soooo cute and elegant.

    As for her face, yes, I’m glad she keeps the color natural, but it’s not like she’s going around without makeup. She wears a ton of makeup and even jokes about how much she wears.

  28. supercute

    To me she looks like Christy Masters from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. No the actress, the actual character.

  29. Jenni

    Amy Adams. Makes her look kind of her Amy Adams. Which isn’t -bad-, but we already HAVE an Amy Adams.

  30. Erin

    I really, really covet her eyebrows, for some reason.

  31. sinny

    Hahaha porcelain skin. This girl always has layers upon layers of makeup. Looks a total different person without it.

  32. jessie

    She looks like oh girl from Glee with the red hair. Jayma Mays.

  33. Kris

    I can’t make a call on the hair because my eyes are continually dragged down to the horror of that dress.

  34. Tracy L

    Ha-Jessie-i was going to say she looks like Emma from Glee and you just beat me to it. Although Emma would have that sweater buttoned up and a prim broach on with it.

  35. Simone

    Horrible dress, looks like she has knit it and the little cardigan herself.

  36. Helen

    The new hair color makes her a dead ringer for Hilary Burton on White Collar.

  37. SDK

    She looks like a wonky Emily Blunt with the lighter hair.

  38. vandalfan

    I think she’d be pretty in any hair color. Red might actually work well for her, but you’d need a better dye job than this to really tell. Her skin may not be “porcelain” in the flawless sense, but in the coloration. No generous application of freckles common to most blondes. (Thanks a lot, Mother Nature. Grrrr.)

  39. Tricia

    Nicole Kidman. Especially in that outfit. Makes me think of Bewitched.

    I tell you what really annoys me. Besides her in general. It’s the fact that for ages now people keep calling me “Katy Perry” and telling me how much I look like her. Which is a difficult pill to swallow when you think the person you are being compared to is a bubbleheaded ninnymoggins. And I changed my hair colour to ginger recently, a side benefit of which I was hoping would be that the damnable comparisons would STOP. And what does she do? She copies me. AGAIN. Seriously she has some fish eye into my life. I have no bangs and it’s dark, so does she. I cut bangs, so does she. I lighten, so does she. I have HAD IT! I hope she’s going to blonde, because I already did that, it looked terrible and shall never happen again. Then maybe I will get some peace! (And really, I look nothing like her. I don’t know what’s wrong with you people! ;-))

  40. Lina

    It’d be nice to see her natural color, but I doubt we will. Blonde celebrities always seem to bleach and highlight to oblivion, even when their natural shade is perfectly flattering.

    I’m actually more concerned by the lavender thing she’s wearing. It’s so, so bad!

  41. Andrea

    The first thing I thought when I saw the second picture was “She looks like Hilarie Burton!” Hilarie has a very similar hair color in her part on White Collar.

  42. CAR

    Why, oh, why, does she wear so much makeup?!?!

  43. Eden

    I agree with Jenni, I thought Amy Adams. Now I WILL be confused!

    I also prefer the dark hair.

  44. Cristina

    Even Zooey was blonde for a while.

  45. yeahandalso

    Isn’t she one of those people though, like Adam Lambert and Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks who actually ARE ALL NATURAL BLONDS but are famous for having another hair color?

    Because if you look up Katy Hudson (her pre-famous Christian album days) she is a blond and not a bottle blond either

  46. K-Star

    Who does she look like? Tammy-Faye Bakker with a wig.

  47. val.

    I’m always skeptical of stars who claim to be natural blondes. I don’t know that Katy here has the coloring of a blonde. I guess we shall see.

  48. Brooke

    Forget the hair color. I can’t stop wondering why is she wearing ears with her Ladies Who Lunch suit.

  49. Chasmosaur

    Heh. When I got married, I had a Richard Glasgow dress, and was privileged to have the designer himself did my fittings (my measurements are anything but standard and required his attention). At the final fitting, my Mom took a look at me – porcelain skinned with dark, dark brown hair – and said “you really need to get some color before the wedding.”

    Without looking up from whatever it was he was doing, Glasgow said “Her skin is gorgeous and tanning it would ruin my dress.” It was everything I could do to not laugh hysterically.

    So please Katy – ABORT. I’m not a fan of your music and wonder why you need to dress like you do, but I never denied you were absolutely adorable with your coloring.

  50. Ladyblahblah

    With the black hair, especially when she had the Cleopatra bangs, all I could see was a young Ruth Buzzi.

  51. Sajorina

    She needs to take her locks back to Ebonyville and burn that 3rd grade teacher’s outfit she’s wearing without a bra in the 2nd picture!!!

  52. RenaissanceGrrl

    Pretty sure she won’t be able to carry a tune in a bucket no matter what color her hair is.

  53. elyse

    She looks like grownup Miley. Ack.

  54. Heidi

    She reminds me of Audrina now for some reason…weird! Katy was blonde when she was younger though so I’m sure if she goes back she will stilll be pretty, maybe just not as striking?

  55. wendy

    She looks like a more curvy Hilarie Burton now!

  56. Theresa

    The new look is Miley Cyrus about 2 years ago. Which is about the worst anyone who’s not 16 can look.

  57. Dazie

    If that doesn’t work, try this… http://tinypic.com/r/zo9gth/7

    I rest my case. ;)

  58. KRock

    This is from the way back file, but totally Miss America now dog show host Leanza Cornett!

  59. Veronica

    If she is a natural blonde, I’ll be willing to give it a shot on her. I do really like the dark hair, since it makes her eyes more striking, but fair skin and blue eyes should work just fine with blonde hair. It may make her regrettably generic in apppearance given the blonding up of Hollywood, but, ah, it’s not like her gig really relied on excessive amounts of originality to begin with.

    I do wish they’d tone it the hell done with her makeup, though. I realize they’re going for that charming retro look, but sometimes I just get tired of being so thoroughly aware of how much she has on.

  60. Hannakin Skywalker

    I really feel compelled to defend Zooey, as she is cute and feminine and charming in a way that Katy cannot hope to possibly emulate. I find KP SO abrasive, contrived and plasticized, even if she claims her boobs are ‘natural’ – there’s that much chicken fillet stuffed down her bra she could open her own KFC.

    Regardless, she does have nice skin and the dark hair really offsets that, and that’s the look that’s gained her the wholly undeserved attention she currently has (honestly, anyone in the world who can fill out a dress could be Katy Perry. She has no input in the creative process of ‘her’ music, and you’d find more singing talent on an episode of Iraqi Idol. But hey! I’m done!).

    So no, I say. No to the new hair.

  61. Hannah

    In another photo at the same event (in which she is kind of in a 3/4 profile), she looks exactly like Evan Rachel Wood to me.

  62. Anya

    she looks like a slightly better version of Karina Smirnoff

  63. Marie Phillips

    I genuinely thought the first picture was a waxwork.

    Also: I’m on team “going natural for pregnancy”.

  64. Jael Paris

    For reference, here’s Katy blonde as a teen. http://withfriendship.com/images/g/30099/just-little-katy-hudson.jpg

  65. noslenr

    She’ll be a carbon copy of Jenny McCarthy as soon as she’s blonde. Poor Katy Perry never looks like herself.

  66. Mire

    Since when is hair dye poisonous? Jeeeeeesus I know it can cause slight allergies but that? I think there’s a much wider pregnancy-hysteria in the US than here in Europe. On the Katy Perry matter, Snuffy had it right — black made her look much cooler than she ever deserved to be. Also, I think she’s terribly overrated.

  67. Lynnie

    Yup, Katy Perry is a natural blonde. Check out this set of pix showing two extremes:

    In general, I think she’s stunningly gorgeous with raven locks. I’m on the Jayma Mays train with the reddish shade, however.

    Does anyone know if Russell Brand is a natural brunet?? No one’s asking THAT question. ;-)

  68. Yates

    I think she looks like the OCD chick from Glee. The pretty redhead.

  69. Candace

    Mandy Moore.

  70. Michelle

    Her natural hair colour is actually blonde, apparently.

  71. emily

    I don’t think the light hair works with her severe make-up. If she toned down the make-up, I can see the lighter hair working for her. Her make up is so thick and dramatic it only works with dramatic hair.

  72. Egg

    My guess is that she’s going not blonde, but full ginger. Called it.

  73. LC

    I think she’s pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

  74. Jo

    I know I’m late to the party, but in this photo she looks like Charlotte Church, stretched slightly.