So, you know how people often do something to their appearance after a breakup — like, Divorce Bangs, or cutting off all their hair, or getting a spray tan or whatever? Well, I think Cheryl Cole must be looking at her ignominious X-Factor firing as a breakup of sorts. To refresh her memory, since even readers of this site may have forgotten who she is already, this is from her last Stateside appearance:

And here she is at her 28th birthday party, from a couple days ago:

Girl. That’s so brassy you’re practically a tuba. Sorry to see your dandruff shampoo isn’t doing the trick, either — although to be fair, I don’t think Head & Shoulders even makes one for nipple-size flakes.

Am I being too harsh?

  • No! Terrible. (56%, 4,305 Votes)
  • No. Done right, it could be cute, though, but... as is, no. (37%, 2,886 Votes)
  • Yes. Adorable. She should've done it years ago. (7%, 506 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,697

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[Photo: Splash News]