Fug or Fab: Samantha Barks


I fear she is all alone again.  Nowhere to turn. No one to go to. Without a home, without a friend, without a face to say: “are you sure about this one, Sam? It’s…brave.”

You know how it goes. You put something like this on, and suddenly the world around you changes. The trees are bare, and everywhere the streets are full of strangers.

(Also, your midriff is weirdly chilled, and every cater waiter you meet makes a crack about how they didn’t know this movie was actually Les Mis.. ON ICE!)

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  1. jean

    It shouldn’t work, but I think it’s the details–the rounded waist that fully covers her abdomen, the pretty blue shade, the netting that connects the two bits visually, the lack of underboob or even the fear that it will pop out (that IS magical), and her excellent hair. This is possibly the most elegant version of bare midriff I can imagine.

    • Art Eclectic

      Agreed. I can’t believe that I actually love this. It shouldn’t work, but it does and doesn’t look like she’s next up on the Pole at The Babe House. Although I can’t see the back, so that may veer it off into buttcracktackular-ewwwwland.

    • Jes

      Agreed, The only way this dress “works” is because the cut outs make her body look banging. I am sooooo sick to death of the cut out trend, yet this is so flattering. You cut out temptress!

  2. Rayna

    Truly conflicted. There are aspects of this that I love – the sparkly top (of course!) and the fact that it looks like she’s sewn into it, but honestly, can we be done with the “look at what I’m ALMOST daring to bare” thing.

    On ice or otherwise. :-)

  3. jean

    Oh, I forgot Halle Berry’s various dresses from a few years ago. She seemed so daring then. I guess this is a version of that.

  4. meggiemoo

    No. It does something weird to her body, making the lower half of her body look like it’s backwards.

    • Helen

      Backwards! I knew it was doing something weird; that’s it. It does look like her rear is in the front.

      Which I guess is what you get for dressing like a horse’s ass.

  5. Esmerelda

    She looks better in this than anyone has a right to, but seriously? Think about this…no netting, just a solid dress in the middle, keep the sleeves and the sparkle, but add a deep v-neck. Not a “you are all about to get a glimpse of nipple J.Lo style” deep v, but one that you can still look like a lady in.

  6. Siobhán

    Why are there NO pictures of this from the back at gettyimages? And she stands weirdly (like in the photo above) in all of them. Hands glued to her hips.

    At least it looks like her bum is covered sufficently:

    • Siobhán

      PS: This dress is Stella Mc.

    • WearingMyCrankyPants


      Thank you for trying to find a shot from the back! (I wish you’d been successful.) I’m wondering the same thing, and although the side view you linked to helps, I find I cannot, in good conscience, vote on this until I know what the back looks like.

  7. Sandra

    It would’ve been amazingly wonderful if they hadn’t left out the middle of the dress.

    Also, what evil b@stards made the little muffin who plays young Cosette take her coat off? She’s sleeveless for dog’s sake and even her minders are bundled up. I want to give her a blankie and some hot chocolate.

  8. Squirrel!

    While I do think she is magically pulling this off, I’d like to see a picture of the dress from the back.

  9. linda

    Has anyone seen a picture of the back? I’m worried…

  10. SKS



    (Scroll down to her pic around the middle of the page.)

    It’s…interesting? I’m not sure what to think, to be honest.

  11. Jacquilynne

    I like the bottom of this — the way the fabric curves into the illusion netting is quite flattering. But the same effect in the top does weird things to the shape of her boobular region.

  12. eandh

    I’ve liked her since she was a teenager competing in ALW’s I’ll Do Anything (competition to cast Nancy in Oliver) on the BBC – so impressed by how she’s turned out and what a success she’s making for herself. I think the dress works on her but it wouldn’t work on very many other people. Shame how she’s not getting any of the press so that they can hype Anne Hathaway. I’d like this movie to work, but I wish they’d hired more singers – like Mamma Mia, how much better that might have been had we all been spared Pierce Brosnan singing in favour of Captain Jack (Harkness, not Sparrow, Barrowman was a West End star for 15 years before Captain Jack, gorgeous voice).

    • filmcricket

      Yes, unfortunately I think the success of Chicago means that to make a musical succeed, it’s put ‘movie stars who can sing’ instead of ‘singers’ in these films. Hathaway and Seyfried both have decent voices, but, like, Sally Bowles would eat them for breakfast.

    • AmandaD

      I blame the Phantom of the Opera film and seemed to be one of the front runners for the current trend of non-singers in musicals…that film had some of the worst onscreen singing I’ve heard. And I’m including Clint Eastwood in Paint Your Wagon in that category.

  13. Amy

    If the sheer part had been filled in by the sparkly fabric, this would’ve worked for me.

  14. witjunkie

    I think the fact the sheer is navy, not mismatched flesh-colored, is what saves it. And it truly looks stunning from the back too. A rare win from Crazy Stella.

  15. Jamie

    I think she had no choice but to wear something at least a little cracked out – she’s so outgunned (fame-wise) in this cast, if she wore something tasteful nobody would have picked up these photos and most people would still have no idea who she is or that she is even in the movie.

  16. Stefanie

    Oddly enough I sorta like it. Coupled with the fact Stella McNoTaste designed it, I may need a drink at lunch today.

  17. Helen

    Did everyone know that this girl is only 22? Granted, it’s a publicist’s age, but I believe it. She looks that young in her IMDb photos.

    But not here. And I think it’s only about 10% styling, and more like 90% dress.

    • Trace

      She was in a reality TV show to find a Nancy for a new production of Oliver about 4 years ago and I think she was only 17 then.

  18. Roosje

    Please also review HBC

  19. Vandalfan

    Why is the top fabric different than the skirt? If the sparkles appeared on both North and South, I still might not forgive the big round tummy cover, but would be somewhat mollified.

  20. pantsonfire

    I liked this when I first saw it, and then came to love it, the more I looked at it. I just do. It’s different, sleek ,and modern, but still feminine. It fits her like a dream. The fabric kind of reminds me of a night sky.

    I honestly don’t know who she is, but I kind of already like her because of this dress. I think she looked the best out of the three of them.

  21. Trace

    Was HBC not there, wearing something suitably cracked out??

  22. Tiffany

    I don’t like it at all. The sparkles make it look cheap to me. I think if it was just netting or just sparkles…maybe. Yes, she could look much worse, but it just screams ice skating costume to me with the sparkles.

  23. Celeste

    I love this; it reminds me of a surprisingly lovely art deco porcelain figurine on my mantel that my grandmother bought years ago from the Franklin Mint.

  24. Esme

    Magic indeed.

  25. ChristieLea

    THE WORLD NEEDS MORE LES MIS QUOTES. Les Mis Quotes for everyone!

  26. jen

    I really need to see the back of this dress to make a proper assessment.

  27. outlet

    Sweet Denisa