I fear she is all alone again.  Nowhere to turn. No one to go to. Without a home, without a friend, without a face to say: “are you sure about this one, Sam? It’s…brave.”

You know how it goes. You put something like this on, and suddenly the world around you changes. The trees are bare, and everywhere the streets are full of strangers.

(Also, your midriff is weirdly chilled, and every cater waiter you meet makes a crack about how they didn’t know this movie was actually Les Mis.. ON ICE!)

And yet, I still think she looks nice. Oh, Eponine. I wish I could have been your Get-a-Grip Friend

  • She is magically pulling this off. (56%, 3,582 Votes)
  • Come on. This is not good. (44%, 2,848 Votes)

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