Fug or Fab: Liam Hemsworth


I really applaud the Hem for trying something unusual.

It might even work. Part of me thinks he looks like a lounge singer at an upscale honky-tonk bar that caters to rich rodeo folk, and the rest of me thinks it’s totally groovy and has decided that I never want him to have other facial expressions because that would change the himbo essence that I now cherish. However, one thing is for sure: I wish he’d brought Miley so I could see what hellfire she would’ve worn to coordinate with it.

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  1. Talley

    He’s kind of a doof, but with that face, you can carry off a lot. Plus, I love plaid :)

  2. LoriK

    I’m so pleased when any male star tries to do something a little different & not boring that I’d probably give it to him even if I thought it was a mess, but I think this legitimately works. It’s fun, he clearly actually made an effort and the parts fit him, so I give it the thumbs up.

  3. The Other Molly

    I would think my husband had lost a bet if he showed up somewhere in a jacket as hideous as that.

  4. christine christine

    “Himbo”! Hahahaha!

    • Mair Mair

      I will be working this word into my conversation at the next opportunity.

  5. Dazie

    It would look more appropriate on Brad Pitt or Intern George in Oceans Eleventyfive, but I kinda like it.

  6. Blue Buddha

    Getting a very rat-pack 60s vibe from the outfit. A win in my opinion.

  7. Lina

    Oh, awesome! Now if the rest of the guys in the business would start doing interesting things with their fashion, that would rock! I am SO BORED of black suits.

  8. Libby

    I’m just pleased he’s dressing up, and adding some variety, as opposed to a lot of guys his age who think going grungy is more authentic or something (I’m looking at you, Rupert Grint!).

    • Robyn

      Exactly. No long “Stringy McCrisco” hair, and he doesn’t look as if might smell like an old pizza. Win for me.

  9. Orange clouds

    To kind of quote “The Big Lebowski” here: That jacket really tied the outfit together.

  10. Laucie

    1972ly, played, sir.

  11. Loramir

    He’s kind of pulling it off…yes, the more I look at it, the more I like it. At least it helps give him a bit more personality. I don’t really think his older brother is hotter, big blond guys not really being my type, but he does always look so much less vacant and more alive than Liam does in photos.

    I’ve never seen him act, but I was kind of concerned about him in The Hunger Games, especially after the Fug Girls’ recap of The Last Song, and the way he always looks so stiff and vacant in pictures. But there’s a new clip of Katniss saying goodbye to Gale out, and it looks like he may actually be capable of showing emotion. So that’s a relief.

  12. Beth

    It’s cute, he’s cute, it’s well-cut, and it’s not TOO crazy of a pattern. He kept the rest of it really simple and monochrome, and didn’t let this go crazy with color, either. I’d say this is the way to do it. Who says ties are the only crazy thing men can wear?

    • Trent

      ITA with Beth. Everything fits him perfectly, the pants are impeccably hemmed, and he’s taking more of a fashion risk than most young male stars on the red carpet. Plus he’s a total hottie with great hair and scruff. What’s not to like?

  13. val.

    It’s not bad, but it doesn’t look like HIM, either. I could see someone like Robert Downey, Jr. in this. But Liam here is just to fresh and clean cut for this kind of nonsense.

  14. sally

    He’s darling

  15. vandalfan

    From the neck down, he’s getting ready to sell some used cars.

  16. LA

    I feel like if this were on, say, Gosling, I’d have given it the Well played in a heartbeat. But on Liam here, it seems…not quite his thing…? But I applaud the risk-taking.

    • yeahandalso

      I agree that this fits into Gosling’s style more. But I think Liam is so classically good looking / male model built that he can wear anything and it works. So something like this won’t look bad on him the way it would look bad on some average dude.

  17. guerra

    this is awesome!!

  18. Sajorina

    I like this a lot! He looks handsome and I don’t even find him cute! Definitely a Well Played, especially since Miley is nowhere in sight! I ♥ plaid!

  19. Hippo

    Has NOONE said “well plaid”?!

  20. neiges

    I voted “played sir” because he achieved the category “beyond pretty or ugly” where none of it applies. It is a incredible achievement when you only have two facial expressions moreover. Way to go Liam!

  21. Mara

    The pants and the jacket fit really well. For such a young dude, that’s an achievement. Also, I saw the jacket and I squealed, because, hey, shiny!

  22. saranagamana

    He really has a late eighties/early nineties Jeff Bridges thing going on here.

  23. AnnieC

    He’s throwing off Mr. Vernon vibes from “The Breakfast Club”.

  24. Katharine

    This is really nicely done. That’s how you do “youthful” masculine non-casual style, without any stupid nonsense like wearin’ Chucks with your suit. Well played, sir.

  25. Chicklet

    See, this is how you break out of a boring rut: One crazy item, and the rest of the ensemble neutral. Too many guys wear an entire blinding suit PLUS a crazy shirt AND a noncoordinating tie, and it makes me cry.

    • Carolina Girl

      Amen, Chicklet. Coco Chanel said that before you leave the house you should look in the mirror and take off one thing. That advice would serve a lot of people in Hollywood — both male and female — well. The jacket is well cut and it looks good on him. This is a Well Played.

  26. junior

    This would have been major if the pattern colors were inverted meaning it was a black jacket with shiny silver stripes. It would still have brought some visual interest to the jacket, matched with all the black, and not looked like a picture Tom Jones is hanging in his dressing room right now.

  27. Kara

    I actually like it. The key, as Beth said, is that it’s well-cut. With a pattern as bold as that, the tailoring has to be impeccable, otherwise it will look really cheap.

  28. Softwear

    I saw him in Triangle and he was actually kind of good in it. Granted, it was a fairly small part that didn’t require a lot of range, but he was likeable in it, certainly. And weirdly much better looking. Is he doing something to his eyebrows now that makes him look so hideous? It’s a strange phenomenon. I have nothing against this outfit, I can’t get over how…um, ugly he is. As a man. Sorry. I’m sure he’s a nice person.

  29. Amber

    I like it. Guys in Hollywood (and actually, in general) usually do completely boring or completely off-the-wall. I like that it shows some personality, but isn’t completely in your face. I wish more people would take little or medium-sized risks, rather than no risk or 100% risk/crazy.

  30. bizzy

    Yes, it’s a crazy pattern. But he’s only wearing one wild item, and the whole outfit is quite severe, color-wise. Also, look at the sleeve, the waist. It’s impeccably tailored, and that makes it a well-played. If Gosling can get away with this kind of thing, why not Himbosworth?

  31. The Other Molly

    <—- Lone Wolf

  32. Claire L

    There are two men who could pull that off…. my friend, Mark, who is so unbelievably straight, Italian and would wear it ironically….. and Liam…who is just damn pretty.

  33. Shiitake

    Very stylish.

  34. corriner

    He looks about 8 ft tall in this photo, and all 8 ft are attractive. Also, this gives him a mature air which I think is doing a lot of favours as well.
    I get so happy when men decide to wear well-tailored items with a bit of visual interest rather than the standard black-suit-black-tie.
    As pointed out above, Ryan Gosling loves himself a unique suit, and while he sometimes gets it wrong, he gets it right more often than not (see: his Cannes outings for Blue Valentine (YUM))!

  35. Emily

    First time I’ve enjoyed looking at a picture of this kid. Win.

  36. SomethingYouSaid

    it looks like he might be trying to do something Gosling-esque, but it’s a fail. that’s a pretty high bar, mister…

  37. Lily1214

    I go with “lounge singer”

  38. sjs

    This would be awesome on Michael Buble. But points for trying…

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