Fug or Fab: Kyra Sedgwick

I’ll miss The Closer now that it’s gone for good — Kyra Sedgwick’s accent got hammy, for sure, but it was a great role and she was great in it. I think her success with it when it began in 2005 was a big part in TV beginning to draw high-caliber actresses to niche networks, like F/X nabbing Glenn Close for Damages in 2007. It proved there was interest in meaty, complex female roles, which could command imposing talent (and lead to awards), and kind of helped make the small-screen cool again beyond the anything-goes confines of HBO. ┬áSo yay for that (although, shhh, I’ve always found the small screen to be cool).

Kyra also makes this look quite cool, but I’m not sure what I think of it on its own merits. The mesh sleeves look a bit like strategic pit ventilation. Which, yes, is going on my list of band names. We’ll be at the redundantly named FYF Fest this weekend opening for The Perspiratory System and Malodorous Steve. Be there.

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  1. Ellen

    I could very easily see Cate Blanchett in this (with better shoes).

  2. Michelle

    I actually like it — the length is tough to pull off, but I think she does it quite well. The ventilation pits are okay, but without them it would all be fairly blah.


  3. Lauren

    I think I knew Malodorous Steve in college… He was that guy on the quad with the guitar who always wanted to give the girls shoulder massages, right?

  4. Rayna

    In these dog days of summer, Kyra looks like a long, cool drink of milk.

    Although (and I almost NEVER say this) it could be a tad bit shorter.

  5. pantsonfire

    So, overall, it’s fine. I liked it more before I zoomed in on it. After zooming, it looks like the top has maybe lizard or snake-skin effect down the center? And, forgive me if this is crazy, but are these separates? The details on the bodice (?) don’t carry on to the skirt part, and the more I look at it, the more I think the feel of the bodice is somewhat not cohesive with the skirt. Anyway, I actually like the mesh on the top, but I think it would look better on a dress that has a more fitted skirt…something more sleekly modern. Also, I’m beginning to question my assumptions about white being a relatively easy color for people to wear–it doesn’t seem to do most people any favors, actually.

  6. Kristen from MA

    Love to hear that you are/were a fan of The Closer!

    Most of all, I will miss the hot, hot Jon Tenney. Someone please give Jon Tenney a new show!!

  7. Heather

    isn’t he still on Major Crimes?

  8. Kara

    It’s fine. Not great, not hideous, but fine. Very casually summer-y – I could see it at a garden party. I think she’s wearing the perfect shoes with it.

  9. Bella

    I think she looks really good.

  10. Sandra

    This needs to be a different color or a different fabric. Kyra, you’re not Jessical Biel. Your awesome self has been married to Kevin F’ing Bacon since the waning days of the Reagan Administration. You have no need to waft about looking bridal.

  11. ceecee

    It’s fine if a trifle bland. It could use a scarf or necklace or something. It’s just funny how cute and happy she looks while standing in front of the poster of demon-possessed projectile vomiting about to erupt all over her. Neither she nor the dress deserve that.

  12. Diana

    I do not like the dress on its own, but she makes the whole thing look lovely. Even the pit vents!

  13. Elizabeth

    UGH! It looks like someone tried to classy up the WORST outfit every featured on here- the one on K Bell at the premiere of Pulse (the moldy granny costume). Again, UGH!

  14. rb

    The bracelet is awesome, and the earrings seem to be in the same vein of as the film (THE POSSESSION!, not to be confused with Gwyneth’s icky Neil LaBute/AS Byatt “Possession” from a decade ago). The dress and (bead-strapped?!) sandals do not pair with this genre. She might’ve tried something edgier (even this but in a different color and nighttime shoes), since this kind of role is out of her usual range.

  15. Sajorina

    It’s cute and I like it! But, I would like to FAB her for the AH-MAZING dress she wore to her appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show this week! LOVED IT!!!

  16. Janiekettles

    Nice, sweet, appropriate, but sorely missing a side order of Bacon…..

  17. Emma

    I think it’s cute (maybe minus the mesh inserts in the sleeves), but would be better with a round toe pump instead of sandals.

  18. vandalfan

    The nifty reptilian scale effect on the bodice is lost like a white Kleenex in a blizzard. I liked this at first glance, but on closer inspection, her feet as well as the espadrilles on them look terrible, the skirt is too long, and her hair needs fixing.