We’ve been turning up more and more pictures of heretofore unknown (to me) Rita Ora lately; I paid them little mind, assuming she was one of those Famous In England people who might never actually cross over here unless she inserted beach balls into her chest cavity (see: Price, Katie). But the other day, my husband’s copy of Rolling Stone fell open to a page in which the magazine appeared to be trumpeting her as an up-and-coming ferocious lady musician (she’s working with will.i.am. and Kanye on her album, which came out on Monday; she’s an X-Factor judge in the UK; she has toured with Coldplay). So while we wait for that to take us by storm, I figured it might be time to get to know her other body of work — you know, the one that’s probably going to get her nominated for Fug Madness. Spoiler: Her style seems to be a hybrid of Gwen, Jessie J, Katy Perry, and a pinata.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet, Splash]

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