I’ll miss The Closer now that it’s gone for good — Kyra Sedgwick’s accent got hammy, for sure, but it was a great role and she was great in it. I think her success with it when it began in 2005 was a big part in TV beginning to draw high-caliber actresses to niche networks, like F/X nabbing Glenn Close for Damages in 2007. It proved there was interest in meaty, complex female roles, which could command imposing talent (and lead to awards), and kind of helped make the small-screen cool again beyond the anything-goes confines of HBO.  So yay for that (although, shhh, I’ve always found the small screen to be cool).

Kyra also makes this look quite cool, but I’m not sure what I think of it on its own merits. The mesh sleeves look a bit like strategic pit ventilation. Which, yes, is going on my list of band names. We’ll be at the redundantly named FYF Fest this weekend opening for The Perspiratory System and Malodorous Steve. Be there.

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