Fug or Fab: Jena Malone


The good news is, I like the shoes. And she seems to like all of it, judging from her smile:

It’s definitely interesting. I truly don’t mean that as a tactful way of saying “terrible” the way I would be if, say, I were telling someone the cake I was eating was “interesting.”   There’s something about it that’s both tactile and alien — which would also be terrible adjectives to assign to a dessert, and not nearly as bad in an outfit. Personally, I think I am cool with the cut-outs on the bodice, but could live without the ones on the skirt, which remind me of the time I decided I was going to “warm” my nightgown “by the fire” the way Laura Ingalls Wilder did. This meant that I draped my nightgown over the towel rack above my bathroom wall heater while I took a leisurely bath with my Barbies (in fairness: I was eight). Leisurely, that is, until my nightgown caught on fire.

My mom was not nearly as mad about this as you would suspect.

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[Photo: WENN.com]

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Comments (41):

  1. Kristan

    Where’s the “meh” option?

  2. LoriK

    My nightgown is not icy with hate (can’t work up that much feeling about it) and it’s certainly not aflame with love (weird cut-outs + weird fabric = too much weird). My nightgown is just hanging on the towel rack. That really should have been an option.

  3. Leah

    Hate the unfinished edges on the cutouts. Otherwise, the dress would be OK if she didn’t shine her face to match.

  4. vandalfan

    If the fabric near the cut outs was an interesting shade, like purple or blue, and not burned black, it would not look so much like a mistake and more like a choice. It fits her well, however, and I do want her shoes.

  5. Chicklet

    I think the cut-outs are fun, not trashy, so my nightgown is smoldering with like.

  6. Rayna

    What LoriK said.

    At least it’s not as hyenous as that other thing she wore.

    Apparently, this cutout business to show how little, if any, undergarments we are wearing is a fun new trend.

  7. AJ

    Sorry –two words sprang unbidden to my lips — Jane Jetson.

    I cannot explain this.

  8. Kate

    It looks like someone threw acid on her dress.

  9. Dazie

    Either weird cutouts OR crazy fabric. Both makes my nightgown confused, but in a “I may like it??” kind of way.

    Is it possibly leather?

  10. jessicookie

    Whyyyy is she standing like that…

  11. CH

    I don’t mind it, but all these Jena Malone posts make me wonder when she got so old. Whether it’s her hair/makeup/wardrobe or her poses, none of these posts suggest she’s 26.

  12. SR

    It’s more the color that I hate than anything else. It makes her look washed out and shiny.

  13. Nina

    Hate the hair and the makeup. The dress would be ok if it didn’t look like the sun burned holes into it. Like the shoes.

  14. Melody

    I thought this was Celine Dion. Which is great for Celine, since she’s 43 and Jenna’s 27, buuuuuut….

  15. Kristalynn Busskohl

    What is with all the lazer cut outs lately? On leather ankle boots, interesting and fresh… in a dress made of a finger pressing really hard on a laptop screen, in no particular order of interest… AGAINST. Forever.

  16. Kate

    The only explanation I can think of for that hair is that it distracts from the holes on the skirt.

  17. Sowilo

    When I was 8, I tried to warm my towel over the heater. Of course, it caught on fire. So, I feel your pain.

  18. Chasmosaur

    I think if we saw this on SWINTON or Cate Blanchett, there would be unreserved love. It’s just on an unexpected person.

  19. AMS

    My nightgown is ready for zzzzzzzzzz. The shoes are nice, but I feel like the dress is *almost* interesting and doesn’t quite get there.

  20. Amanda

    I don’t know how to feel. :-\ I kind of like the colors, fabric and shape of the dress. I don’t like the holes though and I really don’t know how I feel about her in it. The way she is standing is definitely not helping. Part of me thinks it could be great on someone else maybe.

  21. Susan

    I kinda like it. Needs a belt, though.

  22. JanetP

    Okay, I am not really aflame with love but I certainly don’t hate it. But what’s with that frayed bit on her right (left? right? the one less visible) thigh? Sorta cool overall, would love to see full-on.

  23. pc

    the dress in general is aflame with love
    but the holes are icy hate

  24. CJ

    I liked this before I put my glasses on. The color is pretty and it fits her very well, but when I realized that what I thought were paisley designs were really cut-outs, it went instantly to fug.

  25. What what

    I’m concerned about the hip we can’t see. It looks as though those cut-outs are dangerously close to giving us gynecological views. I think I would like it quite a bit if those bottom cut-outs were gone and her hair was in any other style. I can taste the cloud of hairspray it took to make that horrible swoosh.

  26. Anika

    What on earth does Jena Malone have against lips?! Why does she constantly want to replace hers with shiny white things?

  27. val.

    I agree with whoever said it looks like someone threw acid on the dress!

    I also think the overall look is way too shiny. Even her face is shiny here! Yuck.

  28. Jennifer

    I agree with CH. Jena Malone seems to have drastically and suddenly changed into an older, skinner person.

    And my MOM tried the Laura Ingalls Wilder trick when I was 8 and caught her housecoat on fire. I didn’t get mad at her. I was just glad she noticed before her butt got scorched. (She was wearing the robe and leaning against the wall heater.)

    I think we can all be grateful for flame retardant sleepwear. I wonder if Jena’s dress repels fire?

  29. witjunkie

    I really like this but I wonder if it isn’t glowing rosier because it’s so much better than much of what she’s been wearing of late.

  30. Alice

    it looks like a fabric (?) that I would use to make a phone case out of….and seeing that on a dress thoroughly confuses me

  31. Styrch

    She’s reminding me of Judy Jettson in this for some reason. That’s not a bad thing. Not a good thing either.

  32. Robin

    I kind of like, but I’m not sure it fits? I don’t actually think she is devestatingly skinny, but perhaps just her face is long? But the dress, still seems a bit big, and tailored a bit like an alien bridesmaid dress.
    Also, I saw Sucker Punch, and while I was cringing most of the movie, I kept on thinking how much I liked Jena’s hair. Can she get that hair again?

  33. yvetterene

    This dress is just “Meh”. I don’t hate it and I don’t love it either. It really is just “blah”.

  34. Carolina Girl

    We could have used a “Meh” option. Although I’m not loving the cut outs, I like the shoes and don’t mind the fabric. I do think her makeup could have been a bit better, but maybe it’s just a trick of the lighting.

  35. Sandra

    Took me a moment to realize that those are cutouts. I thought she had some kinda scaly skin problem It’s blecchhh, but not burningly so. Boring, really.

  36. Anita

    Does she buy all her fomal wear from Bridesmaids-R-Us? It’s a tone of pre-menstrual mauve that only long suffering brideslaves should have to wear.

  37. christina

    She looks so clean.

  38. Gigi

    I don’t hate the dress but it’s washing her out. She’s very fair; as such, I think a darker, more vibrant color would have suited her better. On a different note: is Jena Malone having a career resurgence lately? I feel like she disappeared for a while and now she’s everywhere. Also, is this girl really 26? She looks so…old. I would have pegged her for at least 30.

  39. Bambi Anne Dear

    Love the whole thing except the stupid crossed feet.

  40. LC

    I give her props because it is such a VAST improvement from the last travesty she wore… she is really worlds ahead of where she was last week.

  41. Sigourney Leigh Chin

    I can’t deal with this girl. Anything she puts on, good or bad, looks like a fancy dress stapled to a piece of cardboard. She’s just so damned plain.