The good news is, I like the shoes. And she seems to like all of it, judging from her smile:

It’s definitely interesting. I truly don’t mean that as a tactful way of saying “terrible” the way I would be if, say, I were telling someone the cake I was eating was “interesting.”   There’s something about it that’s both tactile and alien — which would also be terrible adjectives to assign to a dessert, and not nearly as bad in an outfit. Personally, I think I am cool with the cut-outs on the bodice, but could live without the ones on the skirt, which remind me of the time I decided I was going to “warm” my nightgown “by the fire” the way Laura Ingalls Wilder did. This meant that I draped my nightgown over the towel rack above my bathroom wall heater while I took a leisurely bath with my Barbies (in fairness: I was eight). Leisurely, that is, until my nightgown caught on fire.

My mom was not nearly as mad about this as you would suspect.

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