Fug or Fab: Heidi Klum


Hey, I’d probably be inclined to go out in something as comfy as possible, too, if I’d just spent the last couple of days dressed as a gorilla, and as…a naked, skinless body.

And, in all honesty, I don’t actually dislike this as much as I did when I first looked at it. The more I look at it, the more I kind of dig it — it’s clearly comfortable, but it’s not like she’s wearing a Slanket. Not that there’s — no, wait. There is TOTALLY something wrong with wearing a Slanket. Even if you’re at home. They’re called sweatpants, you guys. And they’re the lowest common acceptable denominator.

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Comments (33):

  1. Carolina Girl

    There needs to be an option for giving Heidi and Seal a pass. They’ve spent the last couple of days in one costumer or another, and they deserve some time to just walk around looking like the rest of us.

  2. Dee

    I’m a little worried about where her other arm is.

  3. Billie

    Lord knows if I had worn a bodies exhibit costume followed by a monkey suit with make up that took 6 hours to make, I would definitely be in a slanket after. Props to them for at least looking socially acceptable when leaving the house.

  4. Rosie

    to be honest

    i quite like it

    its true




  5. lesli

    They don’t look too happy though. Hope it’s a normal spat and not real trouble.

  6. Eliza Bennett

    She looks like Kim Cattrall without makeup! I love Kim, but this worries me. Klum needs a belt and some colorful lip gloss.

  7. Jessica

    I’d be happier if she added a belt, but okay.

  8. Margaritaville

    I find it disturbing that the dress has two phalluses pointing at her crotch.

  9. Anne B

    This is, down to the lack of belt, exactly what I’d wear on an off (or a still-gotta-go-out-but-can’t-do-*all-done-up*) kind of day. I’d wear cuter boots, and pull the hair back or something, but that is one awesome Slanket.

    And I want it. It can join the other knee-length things that resemble Slankets but aren’t, not quite, in my closet.

    It’s waaaaay awesomer. :)

  10. Rachel

    I love this look. And I love my Slanket. Yep, I said it. Sometimes sweats aren’t enough. I wouldn’t wear it outside, though. :-)

  11. witjunkie

    This would be cuter with better footwear, but I kinda love that those boots are worn out because they are obviously comfortable and she wears them all time. So I give her a pass for still looking way classier than I do when I just throw on something comfy.

    • Geemee

      Yes! I want shoes other than the boots, but they look worn in and comfy as hell. And her feet are probably tired. So two thumbs up.

  12. AMS

    This would be completely transformed by better footwear, something more fitted and polished than the dull, slouchy boots.

  13. Andrew S.

    I don’t mind it but in any case, after her halloween showing yet again this year, she can wear whatever she wants for the next two weeks as far as I’m concerned XD

  14. Cranky Old Batt

    There is a new Olson on the prowl…

  15. Ladyblahblah

    She is deep in Jessica Simpson territory with this look, except she has her mouth closed so this is not making me want to commit crimes against her person.

  16. Jackie

    I need you to google ‘the forever lazy’ and shift that paradigm baby!

  17. Bobbi

    I like this, although I am a wee bit concerned that something so casual could require boob tape to keep it from sliding too far in one direction.
    Those boost belong with jeans, not this floaty, comfy dress.

  18. CJ

    Wow, she looks like Elizabeth Olsen here! She looks comfy and is probably sans makeup to give her face a rest after her costuming….and even in a glorified housecoat, she looks better than I will ever look.

  19. Sajorina

    That is one comfortable looking sack and I would wear it when I’m bloated! I’d rather wear this than sweatpants anyday!

  20. marcia

    this looks like a paparazzi photo. If she’s just out and about, she should wear what she wants without us passing judgement on it. That goes for everybody (ahem, fug girls, including Garner/Affleck at their kid’s school). Just saying.

  21. vandalfan

    It’s a pretty sheer overlay, over an too big, too gaping, shapeless sack. She should not be seen in public like this unless she’s sneaking out to the 7-11 for ciggie-butts at 10:30 pm. Yet, add a belt, heels, and a hairdo, and sew up the front a tad, and she’s good for cocktails at the Ritz.

  22. EAG46

    I think she looks chic in the dress. Nothing wrong with wearing something loose and flowing, especially after a few days of silly costumes. And Hello! to Seal behind her.

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  24. Jules

    After her party and all, this outfit just says, kiss my a$$, paps.

  25. Annie

    Who makes this? Did anyone look it up? Because it looks suspiciously like an Anya design…..

    Which would explain all the references to slankets and caftans.

  26. Chris

    Cons: Coachella was seven months ago.

    Pros: Coachella is only five months away.

    Yeah, it’s a sack. Yeah, the boots are kind of dumpy. No, that is not a particularly good photo (sorry). But seriously, after Halloween, I think she’s allowed to wear whatever the fuck she wants. And she could have done way worse.

  27. Sophie

    The best of this photo is how Seal’s obviously checking out her ass.

  28. Sophia Loren

    I like the dress and love it with the boots. But the hair and glasses scare me.