This makes umpteen episodes in a row — well, I guess seven, since the number is right up there in the headline, but you feel me — where SMG is stuffed into something that does nothing for her except make me want to give her a hug (which is a prize of debatable benefit), but more importantly, it is three episodes in a row with an awesome ending. Oh, Ringer. You might be whiffing the uniforms but even the East German judge is giving your landings a perfect ten.

(I’m still figuring out how I like to do this, which is why this recap is a bit longer than the others. With Ringer, since it’s so twisty, I think it’s more fun to dribble out some plot stuff as we go, but that also makes for more photos of stuff I can’t resist that has nothing to do with clothes. Oh well, I think there’s something for everyone in there — SMG looking great, FBI Agent Richard Alpert, some major man-abs, double cleavage, a few new emotions to go along with “sad” in Henry’s sack… It is replete.)

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