I thought about putting this up for a vote, but then I decided no, I must be firm: I don’t care for this.

I know it’s the Princess Grace awards, and Anne was in The Princess Diaries, but someone should tell her that those two things combined do not mean she really is the ruler of a small principality. Besides which, shouldn’t her imaginary principality be more fun than this? I feel like there would be great snacks and a lot of drinking games based on the complete works of Matthew Lillard, whereas this dress is what her disapproving grandmother (incidentally, her movie granny Julie Andrews was ALSO at this event) would wear when she shuffled down the stairs at 3 a.m. and had to break up the game of strip croquet happening on the East Lawn. So yes, this dress is the metaphorical bucket of cold water being tossed on the party that is Anne’s youth. I wish it were an actual bucket of water being thrown on her face, so she could scrub off the doll paint and start over, but we can’t have everything.

[Photo: Getty]