Man, the universe was against me on this one: First, the director of Cruel Intentions did this episode, and they did NOT put Ronald in it, even for a single second, even in the background teaching a panting schoolgirl how to bow her cello in both euphemistic and non-euphemistic ways. Second, DirecTV and Tribune didn’t settle their little financial squabble in time, so our CW station was yanked and I was forced to watch online, which I hate doing because I’m an old crotchety crone and I spent far too much time on my computer as it is. THEN, in the middle of watching it online, the CW ran a very long and revealing and spoilery promo for tonight’s episode, which on a twisty show like Ringer seems like an especially dumb thing to do. LE SIGH.

Fortunately, it all ended happily, because there was another moment at the end of the episode that’s in the spirit of the Ringer I deeply love. It involves a letter opener. And it rules. Also: a leopard poncho.

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