I feel like I’ve said this before, but “Cobie Smulders” never seems like a real name to me. Neither of those things are actual WORDS.  You might as well be named, like, “Fumsly Witflam” or “Bagsy Mesblong.” But she is lovely, and I like this hair on her:

I am perplexed a little by the outfit, I think. I actually like all the pieces individually — the jacket is cute, like, do you know how impossible it is to find a normal leather jacket that doesn’t cost one kajillion dollars and also isn’t covered in like  so many zippers it looks like you fell into a coma in the Mood trimmings department?  So I am envious of it – but together,  this all might feel a little Grease Is the Word (Is the Word That You Heard) meets Mr & Mrs Smith II: Straight 2 Video.

Do you like?

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  • I do NOT. (25%, 2,119 Votes)
  • Glamsy Flingbags! (41%, 3,545 Votes)

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