Fug or Fab: Hailee Steinfeld


Listen, we all know how much Heather and I love Hailee Steinfeld. I just think she seems so AWESOME and so charming and so age-appropriate. Like, she never looks like, as I once would have said, a total hoochie. Even if I don’t love what she’s wearing, it is always something that I would let my own 15 year old daughter wear, if I had one, which I do not, although technically that would be possible, and now please excuse me, I have to go put on some eye cream:

While I am moisturizing, please weigh in:

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  1. The Other Molly

    Isn’t there somewhere between not hoochie and not fug?
    I’m sure there is and this girl needs to find it.

  2. Sally

    I love creamsicles and, usually, anything that reminds me of creamsicles BUT I really wish this had been a wide orange sash instead of the faux bustier. And I also wish the sides didn’t hike up like they do. She is adorable, though, isn’t she?

  3. Katharine

    Did this come in a plastic bag from the 50% off Halloween Store? Maybe with a Queen of Hearts card mask on a stick? That’s the only explanation.

  4. amys

    I’d love this if it didn’t have the sweetheart neckline. Straight across would be much more age-appropriate, IMO. Is that a giant bow in the back??? She is such a cutie!

  5. robinlouise

    i would hate this on someone even a smidge older – but when else can you wear a bright orange “bustier applique” except at 15.

  6. Kristen from MA

    I will give her 2 points for not wearing horse hooves on her feet. Otherwise? NO. (And I do think she’s awesome.)

  7. Lindsay

    Maybe in a different material? This looks like a costume.

  8. CJ

    I’m with Sally. Not a fan of the coral inset. This would have been better if the coral had been a sash OR had this ensemble been all one color (either coral or ecru). Even with the odd faux-bustier, she still manages to be cute.

    She has such an amazing track record of lovely, age appropriate clothes that I almost wonder if this was picked for her — and not by her usual stylist. She is the face of the current Miu Miu campaign and this is what she wore at their runway show. I almost wonder if the people at Miu Miu dressed her for the event.

  9. Sam

    Well……the shoes are nice?

  10. Jamie

    I WANT to like this. I do. But all I can see when I look at the top is one of those tacky beach cover-up t-shirts with a picture of a lady in a bikini on it.

  11. JillB

    She looks like she was making out with her boyfriend, got her dress all twisted and hiked up, then had to try and look innocent when her parents walked in.

  12. Carolina Girl

    SHE is very cute but this dress is not.

  13. Miranda

    I really don’t see what’s so fugalicious about this. The shoulders are fitting a little wonky, and I think her hair could have gone a little less American Gothic, but I think this is a cute dress and I love the turquoise/coral combination. It just seems like a relatively cute but unremarkable look. But whatevs, different strokes.

  14. Dazie

    I actually like the coral, but not the beige. And it could be longer.

    Like the purse though.

  15. MelissaW

    I think it would work MUCH better if it were all the pink/peach color (the white is too stark/shiny in that material) and some kicky flats for interest rather than the staid pumps.

    Otherwise, nice cut and she’s got the legs to wear something short like that.

  16. Annie E

    It’s ugly, bulky, and the shoes don’t match. Next!

  17. Kate

    I like the shape and colors of this dress, but it looks cheap! In fact, I am nearly positive that it is made out of wrapping paper. Also, I love her! A fifteen-year-old dressing, acting and looking like a fifteen-year-old? It cannot be! She is a breath of fresh air! Seriously, though.

  18. Jenna

    Oh dear God, do I spy what I think is a giant BUTT-BOW in the back?!! *CAPS LOCK* I love this girl so much she is most definitely awesome, but this is just…not.

  19. Kara

    I’m with Kate: Steinfeld is awesome, but no. This does look cheap, and I think the cheap look of it makes it look too young for her, if that makes sense. It brings to mind a naughty nurse costume from Ricky’s.

    • Chris

      Too young?

      She’s like 15. By those standards, that dress is practically uterine wear.

      I will agree that it looks a bit cheap because it’s so shiny, though. It’s an all-right cut, though.

  20. witjunkie

    Age aside, anything that brings Leona Lewis to mind should probably be avoided.

  21. Clara

    The dress is so-so, if it fit a bit better and was longer I’d like it. Seh’s got the gams to pull it off!

  22. Elizabeth

    Should we really be fugging people under 18? Especially people like Ms. Steinfeld, who does not wear clothes that scream, “ATTENTION IS THE ONLY THING KEEPING ME ALIVE”?

    • Christopher D

      Very Very FUGLY, the fit and/or material are hideous… especially the material as it seems to be made out of… plastic? Like coloured plastic bags maybe? It’s project Runway gone horribly wrong., it’s too short – it oddly looks like a really tiny tots length on her as she’s not sexy vixen looking, she a cute teenager, who looks like a cute teenager, even in this, it’s all so… gah!
      It is unworthy of her, and if that’s a huge bow on the back I’m gonna throw up!

      • Christopher D

        Sorry Elizabeth, don’t know how this got attached to you… but Yeah, she’s fair game, she’s in the business, and anyway we hope someone (the stylist?) notes our comments and this never happens again!

    • megs283

      Hmm. Good point, Elizabeth…. in the spirit of sisterhood and all…

  23. lisas

    I’d love to see the back, I feel like I’m casting a somewhat ill-informed vote. That being said, I feel that the major problem with this dress is that it doesn’t fit properly. The top part above the coral ‘bustier’ shouldn’t be so rumply. Although the sheen of the fabric might be creating problems that don’t exist outside of a flash photo.

  24. Anne B

    I’m with @Sally.

    The person who designed this wanted “a pop of color”, right? This deconstructed Creamsicle may be the closest thing to a literal “pop” as a girl can wear without freezing to death.

    Yum, but also Fug.

  25. The Other Molly

    Oh hey, love the purse all you want.
    But it has no business being attached to this outfit.
    Sweetheart neckline?
    No, that would be if things ended with the coral material.
    This whole ensemble looks like someone played with paper dolls,
    while they were on drugs.

  26. Misti Nicole

    I want to make the middle unwrinkled. I think that would fix the wonkiness there. The length is adorable, and I love the concept of the color blocking. Plus those colors are super-flattering with her skin/hair. I <3 HER SO.

  27. anny

    @Christopher D – yeah, but this would get you AUT on PR because Tim Gunn has been VERY CLEAR that when you go to the party/grocery/pet store the judges HATE IT when you just use tablecloths or wonton wrappers or horse blankets or some other fabric substitute.

    Also, it doesn’t fit very well and if it weren’t so ugly it would be twee. That is all.

  28. Sylvia

    I like the design and the colors but I think the fabric looks cheap.

  29. NYCGirl

    Maybe in a different fabric…this looks so stiff and uncomfortable. But, really, my answer is, “I’m so glad she hasn’t turned into a Miley or a Momsen.”

  30. Sajorina

    I like the purse and the shoes are cute! Plus, she looks very pretty, but that dress is FUGLY! And, I have a strong suspicion there’s an orange bow on the back! Oh, no…

  31. vandalfan

    Bad fabric and bad fit on an adorable moppet.

  32. Jen S 2.0

    This falls totally and completely in the category of “I don’t like it on its merits, but she’s rocking it, so more power to her.”

  33. Cris

    No! It looks like on of those T-shirts that people wear with the bikini printed on it. Giving the illusion of a skinny body.