Fug or Fab: Glenn Close


I would like to note that I love Glenn Close. I love her in Dangerous Liaisons, and I love her on Damages. I didn’t see Albert Nobbs because it seemed that it wouldn’t include Glenn Close As I Love Her — namely, as a whip-smart manipulator extraordinaire who will destroy you with one hand, then feel a little bad about it, then remember how dumb you are and enjoy it again. Let’s look at what she wore to the Oscar Nominee Luncheon, regardless.

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  1. theotherjennifer

    OMG, she looks like a tourist!

    • Katie

      That was my first thought too! I think it’s mostly the way she’s smiling, but the jacket doesn’t help the image.

  2. Bille

    This reminds me of those Aaron Chang bathing suits everyone was wearing about 10 years ago. Which were fine then, because you wore them ON the beach! But this? No no no …. everything but the jacket is great. But the jacket just kills it.

  3. Sam

    Just retire already, Stella Mc.

  4. LoriK

    [Insert yet another rant about what a terrible designer Stella McCartney is here.]

    • Ang


      I mean, the shoes are great, the clutch is cute, and the pants would be fine if they were just a /hair/ looser, but that coat is awful. Terrible. Hideously unflattering. I can’t believe it was made by a professional, much less a named designer.

  5. GigiNYC

    Yup, I always thought Michael Douglas had it coming as well. Thanks, Jessica, for that. :)

    As for the outfit, eek! She looks like she’s wearing bleached wallpaper. At least her pink clutch is cute. It’s a shame she’s been styled poorly here, as I like Glen Close and think she’s seriously talented.

  6. Zah

    love the shoes, pants and clutch (covet the clutch)…but that jacket is disgust-ing.

    • Miranda

      It’s not that I necessarily hate the jacket in and of itself, but I think it’s hiding what is probably a super-sharp outfit here. It is also obliterating her figure. It looks like maybe it’s a suit underneath the jacket–you know, a top matching the pants–and I WANT TO SEEEEEE.

  7. Kato

    All I can see is Steven Seagal Does Hawaii when I look at that jacket.

  8. Katharine

    That jacket is so many flavours of awful I can’t even. It’s also very Senior Citizen. It’s like the upmarket version of a sweatshirt with puff-paint pictures on a Retired Lady Who Is Most Definitely of a Certain Age and Headed to Bingo.

    • Small Anne Cordelia

      YES. I couldn’t figure out what it made me think of, but you’ve absolutely nailed it!

      I do covet the shoes, though. I loooove a wooden sole.

  9. Sandra

    The jacket could have been okay or maybe even fab if StelMc hadn’t spilled bleach down the front of it.

  10. LadyJustus

    Patty Hewes is a national treasure, and I think she looks fantastic and totally age appropriate here. I would (as a 29yo) absolutely rock her shoes and pants. I do love a good pair of bright cigarette pants. Go Glenn!

  11. Lynne

    Shoes: yes
    Pants: yes
    Coat: Nooooooooo!

    And an additional plea to force Stella McCartney out of the design world but not before we do something about Marchesa.

  12. lisas

    The cut of the coat is godawful, but I like the shoes/pants/clutch business.

  13. Agent Sculder

    Count me as another person who loves everything about this outfit but the coat. Glenn Close is in great shape and she shouldn’t be afraid to wear a coat that’s more closely tailored to her body.

  14. Willow

    I kind of want to wear it.

    Just not in public.

  15. Alice

    Stella McCartney remains the worst designer ever. Her designs are so stiff, I really hate them.

  16. Cat

    Love the shoes, pants and clutch. Now if only the jacket was different!

  17. Carla

    I realize it’s a luncheon, but isn’t the big white bib awfully literal?

  18. Lina

    That is a great shade of blue on her, but otherwise she looks like a painted bell. It’s disconcerting at best. (Which is to say, stay away from the Stella!)

  19. Kimberli

    Those picture titles were outstanding and true. I do know what you mean.

  20. ak

    I don’t remember Stella McCartney’s work for Chloe being bad. What happened?! Is my memory deceiving me?

  21. kateelizabeth

    i can’t stop laughing at the image tag y’all smacked on the photo– “do you remember the time she boiled a bunny”- nicely done, nicely done.

  22. rosarita

    This looks just like Dorothy Spornak out on the lanai to me, albeit with better shoes. Stella must be stopped.

  23. Francesca

    Yet another person who was oblivious to the “No Bleach” warning on the care label of her frock.

  24. Love GFY

    Yet another hideous Stella McCartney design. Do you think anyone would pay attention to her work if her dad wasn’t a Beatle? The only sympathy I had for Heather Mills was when she didn’t want to wear a Stella gown to her wedding.
    On the upside- Glenn looks great from the neck up! Love the hair and smile.

  25. Maretha2

    Glenn looks great, and she deserves a better jacket. Everything else about this is perfection. Bonus points for an appropriate deployment of nude pumps that isn’t boring.

  26. Kit

    I actually love this. I wouldn’t love it on someone 30 or younger, but on someone 50+? Yes, I do.

    • Claire L

      I agree. However, I would so wear those shoes…..all the time… I’d shop around those shoes.

  27. anny

    1) Gallery titles: well done!
    2) Floating head …? Oh yeah, The World According to Garp.
    3) That coat is making me sad. I’ll spot you the stiff fabric, I’ll avert my eyes from the tragic way the pattern is deployed – but its proportions are just unforgiveable.

  28. vandalfan

    Yes, Anny, I could possibly get behind everything, including the print, if it was not deployed with bilateral symmetry.

  29. Anita

    I like it. But I don’t lke the collar on the jacket. Take that off, add a big neckpiece instead and that would do me.

  30. Lizzie

    ” Glenn Close As I Love Her — namely, as a whip-smart manipulator extraordinaire who will destroy you with one hand, then feel a little bad about it, then remember how dumb you are and enjoy it again.”

    Sometimes you guys really are the Pauline Kael of the internet age – just awesome. Love your work.

  31. Gabby

    All the clothes from this collection of Stella McCartney are totally cracked out. This is one of the better ones, and it’s hideous!

  32. Issie

    I love her shoes and the pants are a nice fit, but that jacket looks like something your g-ma would buy at Tommy Bahama’s ’cause she found it on clearance. So…I can’t.

  33. Katharine (II)

    That blue is a gorgeous colour for Glenn – it’s a shame the coat is so awkward and unflattering in its cut. Otherwise this would be an interesting choice. But it’s good to see her looking so happy – this is probably an outfit that looks better in the mirror than it does in photographs.

    Glenn Close and Janet McTeer give outstanding performances in Albert Nobbs, in a movie with a great ensemble of actors. I loved the movie and think it’s well worth seeing – but Albert Nobbs is an effacingly modest and quiescent character (for obvious reasons), so it’s not Glenn in take charge mode – and it may be overlooked for the actual award.

  34. Sajorina

    Like the clutch, like the shoes, like the blue & love Glenn, but the coat is too much “Camila Parker-Bowles on holiday” for my taste! FUG!

  35. Megan

    Pants, clutch, shoes = amazing. coat, tacky as!!!!!! It looks cheap and awful

  36. ChaChaHeels


  37. witjunkie

    I just prefer clothing that does not look like the faded Tropical Island photograph wallpaper at the dentist office.

  38. Faye

    Oh, Glenn. No no no no no *no.* Patty Hewes would kill your little doggie for wearing that coat.

    I think Glenn looks best in simple, well-tailored clothes, like those Armani suits and sheaths she wears a lot in Damages. This coat is Dorothy Zbornak goes to a garden party. And as much as I love Dorothy, it’s not for her fashion sense.

  39. Bethany B.

    I like it, in a matronly Glenn Close way. Though my vote is swayed by a still of her from “Albert Nobb” where she looked absolutely horrible, all plastic and death-like, so…

  40. katkin74

    She’s a lei and one plumeria-behind-the-ear from being the ambassador for “Kansas housewife on vacation in Hawaii”. NO. Do however like the shoes.

  41. crystal

    What? No.