Does it seem too on the nose that Michelle Williams is wearing a dress with rain clouds on it, and that her dress is softly, beautifully, weeping?

I think it should be a requirement for each nominee at every luncheon henceforth that they wear an ensemble that speaks to their public image directly. Michelle is sweet and fragile and sad. If it were Angelina Jolie, she’d have to wear a dress with the face of each of her children silk-screened onto it and Jennifer Aniston’s mug printed right on her ass — so she can sit on her, you get it. Meryl Streep would wear a print that says, over and over again, “I DON’T CARE.”  Julia Roberts would have to wear a giant set of teeth on a chain.  I like this plan. This luncheon needs a little costume party action to liven it up.

But do you like this?

  • God, no. I'd like to echo Fug National Kristin, who noted on the GFY Facebook that Michelle looks like a Care Bear. (68%, 8,020 Votes)
  • Eh. (11%, 1,339 Votes)
  • ON THE NOSE. On the nose. (7%, 858 Votes)
  • It's cute, you guys! (13%, 1,543 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,761

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