Fug Madness 2011, Sweet Sixteen: Bjork Bracket, Part II


You know, something about this coupling seems right.

Poor Paz. After seeing this photo, it’s no wonder she just got booked for a drunken bar brawl. Any regular visitor to this site will not be unfamiliar with combination of questionably sober facial expressions and questionably sober clothing choices. Like, say, this one:

Why, yes, those DO appear to be pants that are half-tights. She is Paz de la Hose-ta.

She is also Paz de la Hair-ta:

If this photo hadn’t been dated from the Boardwalk Empire premiere in 2010, I’d have sworn this would turn out to be a Glamour Shot that Paz took at the mall ten years ago with aspirations of becoming a model.

This one can be Pose de la Huerta.

If I were ten years old, I’d call her Paz de la Huertatas, but I’m not. So I won’t. Instead I will call her Posture de la Hunchta.

Ooh, and whatever’s going on up there with her right boob? Piece de la Hurta.

And how about her competition, Lady Gaga? She’s no stranger to looking a mess, either:

We’re so accustomed to seeing Lady G all spit-shined and polished and buffed to an eggy shine, it’s nice to know that sometimes her hair looks as crappy as mine does. And then the rest of the time, of course, she looks like this:

In some ways I think Paz will be upset she didn’t think of this first. All Gaga is doing is standing there, afraid to move. Paz would contort that sucker all up and down the carpet. But we all know about the stage costumes, and meat dresses, and the Yankee game panties, and crazy Marie Antoinette costumes and Hannibal Lecter masks. For the rest of this post, let’s highlight what Gaga wears during that most mundane of activities: air travel.

Oh, Charlie Brown. This isn’t going to help you kick that football… but it MIGHT help you kick Lucy’s ass.

And of course, my personal favorite flying outfit, a floor-length tutu, a bra, and a smoking jacket. And those shoes are mega. No wonder she has a death grip on her escort’s arm. Can you imagine if she fell?

Oh, wait:


We can laugh, because she was fine. And also, because she wore ELEVENTY-INCH PLATFORM BOOTS to walk through an airport. And also because can you imagine how hard that kid behind her dropped all her stuff so she could IMMEDIATELY Twitpic’d this to all her friends? Oh, Gaga. You reap what you sow, and what you have sown, my dear, are our crops of GLEE at seeing you be forced to admit you are human.

So, clearly, these two women are their own flavors of crazy. The question is, which tastes most strongly of the fug?

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Comments (121):

  1. Emily

    About that photo of Paz where her boob looks strange… Tom and Lorenzo did a post with that outfit (without mentioning her body, just the outfit), but the commenters had a heyday talking about it. Turns out she was born with some sort of cyst that has required numerous surgeries to remove it. Looking at the other photos of her, it seems she usually wears things that cover it up. Still, vote for Paz! I’d much rather see her in the next round than Lady Gaga.

  2. Patricia

    Yes! At the moment (175 votes int), Paz is in the lead. Here’s hoping it lasts.

  3. Susan

    Paz all the way! Gaga is crazy, and I voted her all the way through to here, but Paz – gads. I’ve never felt such an aversion in my life. She totally looks like she never bathes.

  4. Christa

    Meat. Dress.

  5. Cecily

    I am doubled over with laughter, looking much like the timbred Gaga. Paz de la Huertatas, et al., so funny. I gave it to Paz because that mug and all that comes with it is magic.

  6. Dana

    Such a close race!

    I had to choose Paz for the same reason I had to choose Xtina over Nicki Minaj. Nicki and Gaga are doing it to make a statement. Xtina and Paz are doing it because they are hot messes.

  7. Maddie

    I refuse to give Gaga any more attention.

  8. AndersonicTK421

    “Posture de la Hunchta” FTW FTW FTW!!!!!

  9. Christian

    I’ve been waiting for this one since it was announced. PLEASE let is be Paz, Gaga is nothing but a mid-level Grace Jones wannabe.

  10. jessicookie

    OMG A PERFECT TIE… This might be an interesting showdown.

    Gaga is clearly wackier, but she is also a) TRYING to look totally cracked out, b) succeeding at wearing correct sizes and having appropriately goofy hair and make-up. Plus, it’s all so “LOOK HOW CRAZY I AM, GUYS!!! LOOK LOOK LOOK RIGHT NOW!!!! Trying too hard with few real mishaps does not earn you a vote.

    Paz, on the other hand, may be attention whoring, but also seems to be trying to look hot/sexy. At which she is ENTIRELY FAILING. That, my friends, is the highest definition of fuggery.

  11. jen310

    I went with drunk-ass Paz because, as I’ve said before, Gaga bores me. Gaga’s schtick is getting old and tired. Paz isn’t as fug as some of the stronger competitors in Fug Madness but the pungent whiff of fug she gives off is mightier than Gaga’s “LOOK AT ME – I”M F’ING LADY GAGA, BITCHES,” scent. Besides, Paz would kick Gaga’s ass in a fug pose-off competition. Paz FTW.

  12. Willow

    Paz is the epitomy of Fug. I mean honestly people, the clothes are terrible but in a way that she thinks they are really glamorous.

    Gaga knows her’s are fugly.

    Also Paz’s general drunken behaviour helped me decide.

  13. Amy

    No Paz, no peace. Lady Gaga bores me to tears. De la Hunchta FTW!

  14. Amanda

    GET IT PAZ. Gaga is way too calculated.

  15. Lucy

    Please, someone tell me what’s up with Paz’s naked eye fixation? She’s all brows and Koolaid lips – but she completely skips applying slap to the eyes. Why? Is this a thing?

  16. LindaD

    I’m so over GaGa that I was physically unable to see her pictures. Paz it is!!

  17. Jennifer

    This is the hardest bracket for Fug Madness ever! Seriously, a woman that wear shoes like that for the mundane day to day is RIDICULOUS, especially since she clearly can’t walk in them unassisted! But on the other hand Paz is just batshit crazy and it boogles the mind to think that she has no clue how crazy she looks!

  18. Janette

    OOOH DANG. We have a hot mess who could be dressing in a drunken haze up against a hot mess whose career is based entirely on looking like a lunatic. I don’t even know anymore.

  19. An Onymous

    That Paz de la Whatever could actually look ok-ish if she didn’t look like a cheap hooker who doesn’t know how to put on makeup… Decent makeup, reasonable clothes and some serious bra-wearing would make miracles on her.

    Meanwhile, Gaga is just gorgeous. GOOOOOORRRRRGEOOOOUUUUUUUSSSSSS. Gosh, I love that Alexander McQueen dress!!!

  20. María

    As jen310 says, La Paz is “pungent,” a higher form of fug than La Gaga’s performance shtick.

  21. Melissa

    Paz all the way. I think that Gaga would try to use winning Fug Madness for some sort of publicity, and I don’t want to see her make it that far. Plus, as many have said, she does fug on purpose, and I think Paz is truly making bad fashion choices…

  22. Stefanie

    Paz. Because she is a mess. I want to teach her about blotting papers and how to pose and how to not make stupid fucking faces. I may not be famous, but I am a ham in front of a camera and Im pretty g’damn sure I could teach her a thing or NINE.

    Wow, who knew I had such strong feelings about her and her fugly mug.

  23. Jenny M

    I agree with Willow. This is the classic Costume vs. Clueless. Clueless gets my vote.

  24. Madness

    jessiecookie said it best: “Paz, on the other hand, may be attention whoring, but also seems to be trying to look hot/sexy. At which she is ENTIRELY FAILING. That, my friends, is the highest definition of fuggery.”

    Gaga is always “in costume,” but Paz seems to be naturally fugly. Gotta go with Paz.

  25. vandalfan

    I’m SO over Gag-a. She’s merely contrived, Paz is tragic but fiercely carefree. Paz lives the fug, like SWINTON.

  26. mary lou bethune

    Lady Gaga is wonderful and crazy ; she is a performance artist, as has been said over and over. That poor paz is just woebegone and pathetic.

  27. Kristina

    Thank god P de la H is winning.

  28. vandalfan

    (And that third picture of Paz must have come from her eighth grade school annual. )

  29. val.

    I am voting for Paz for the same reasons I voted for Fab and not K$sha today.

    Gaga is trying to be wacky… Paz is trying to be mysterious and sexy but it’s just kinda not working for her.

  30. Buttercup

    I went with Gaga because 1) I love her and 2) Paz makes me feel nauseous. I don wanna look at her no more.

  31. Aych

    Paz’s faces are insufferable. Gaga is an entertainer, so at least we can chalk up some of her Fugness to her stage costumes. Paz has no excuse – she kind of looks like her body is made out of wax and it is melting off…or in the case of the red dress, her boob is imploding. A non- entertainer should not be this fug, end of story.

  32. Anne B

    Aaaaannnd … she appears. Our Lady Of The Imminent Barfight. The Immaculate Virgin Of Absent Foundation Garments. The miracle of a living human whose blood is, at all times, 80 proof.

    PAZ. Dirty-Fug incarnate.

    I’m sorry, but this is no contest. It’s a person whose life has zero structure — who uses other people as punching bags, trees against which to pee, occasional seeing-eye humans (Quentin! Poor darling) — versus one whose life is a marvel of meticulous structure.

    Lady Gaga, thanks for all the fun. (And the egg!) See you next year.

  33. Fuh Ugh

    Gotta be Paz. Gaga is just gaming us. Paz is genuinely FUG.

  34. eee

    Count me as another vote for Paz, for all the reasons listed above.

    And to Heather, thank you SO MUCH for posting those photos of Gaga falling down. I’ve always wanted to see that! You totally made my Friday.

  35. Aych

    also Paz’s toes are packed as tightly into those strappy kitten heels (second to last picture) as sardines in a can and/or sausage in its casing. The strap actually appears to be cutting of her circulation.

  36. Willow

    I keep refreshing this page. Gaga just got a whole boatload of votes.

    This round is going to be down to the wire.

  37. jenelope

    Something I never considered before seeing all of those Gaga airport pictures: does she have to take off her shoes to get through security like the rest of us? If so, why are there no paparazzi photos of Gaga suddenly shrinking by a foot and then having to re-ascend?

  38. kamo

    Paz embodies fug the same way Bai Ling does – in an extravagantly oblivious cloud of hot-messitude. Say what you will about Gaga, but she knows *exactly* what she’s doing, and how she will be perceived.


  39. Buffy

    Can’t stand Lady Gaga, but had to vote for her because she wore that shit to the AIRPORT. Can you imagine how long it took her to get through security?

  40. Noire

    I’m so bored with Gaga. Its all costumes to me, and I have ceased to care what she wears.

    Paz on the other hand…. dear god. So Fug. So undeniably Fug.

  41. Andrew S.

    you were KILLING IT with the Paz puns XD

  42. Amanda

    The closeness of this race is getting to me.

  43. Carol Hackler

    Paz for the win baby!

  44. Anne B

    I secretly am very fond of Gaga, while I (not at all secretly) can’t stand Paz. Yet my vote went the opposite way.

    I think I’m trying to say something to HBO.

  45. Sneza

    Oh, I love “crops of glee”!

  46. Chris

    gaga, only because the shoes are getting ridiculous.

  47. Scholarastastic

    In these crazy close match-ups, I think I’ve finally figured out what will tip me over the edge towards one fugger or the other: hygiene. To me, if you not only wear ridiculously cracked out clothes AND like I can smell your unkempt stench through the computer screen, then you’ll get my vote almost every time.
    Hence, I voted for Paz. Lady Gaga at least looks CLEAN to me. Meat dress probably excluded.

  48. Jenn

    It comes down to fugging for “performance” purposes and just plain fugging, and Ms. Paz is just plain fugging – thus why she should win and not Gaga

  49. Carolina Girl

    Team Paz!
    The essence of true fuggery is the person, not just the clothes. With Gaga, there’s no THERE there. All I get from her is a series of increasingly stupid costumes. Paz, on the other hand, reeks of fug. You could strip her naked and subject her to all the personal hygiene products and blotting papers in the world and she’d still be fugly.
    Also, what the hell is up with her bangs?? Did she cut them with cuticle scissors?

  50. JK

    Come on, PAZ! Lady McLackatalent doesn’t need the extra attention, but you, you fugtastic little flower, deserve to shine. And you do. Seriously; sometimes you look like you’ve been dipped in oil. No matter what Russell Brand says, Crisco is not makeup primer.

  51. Sandra

    GaGa knowlingly wears costumes; Paz wears what she obviously thinks are flattering outfits. That is fuglier, IMO. Though I would vote for GaGa for fugliest behavior. That business at Yankee Stadium was bad enough, but the stunt she pulled at her little sis’s HS grad was nasty. It isn’t always about you, Stefani!

  52. Karen

    Paz looks like her entire life is a drunken brawl. She’s nasty. Gaga is funny. Nasty is much fuglier than funny.

  53. Chrissy Cunningham

    thank you for the Gaga tumble, I needed that today. I should have voted for her as I’m sick of her wearing her hooves everywhere at this point. I thought the lobster claw shoes were bad for that couple of months but we’re going on multiple years with the horse feet, right?

  54. Lila

    Paz’s outfits in the last 3 pictures are all fairly nice – if they were on someone else i’m sure they would be praised – it’s just her constant drunkenness and sloppy naked face that let her down. Oh, and that brown lipstick.

    Gaga is just tiring, it actually tires me to read about her or even look at pictures of her

  55. Bella

    I LOVE it when gaga goes over. If I were there, I’d be falling out with laughter myself. But can’t vote for her. She dresses for the effect; Paz is probably trying to look good, hence, the fuglier.

  56. Damian

    PAZ!!!! For the win! I can not even describe to you the joy that I get from looking at this women do whatever it is that she does. She’s all “glamour” “elegance” “work it” “ferocious” and she’s getting “cheap” “alley” “failure “crazy.” And honestly that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

  57. Kim

    I love me some Paz . She’s cramazing, and I want to hit the town with her.

  58. sarrible

    I really, really hate this matchup. They’re both so unattractive and LOOK AT ME. I want one of them to win but then turn out to be BYU and scheduled to play on a Sunday so they forfeit.

  59. Carlitos

    I love love LOVE how close the match-ups are in this round. So much fun! Huer-tatas pa’lante a Ganarrr!

  60. meowmeowdiva

    Too bad Gagga missed the class where they teach you to walk on stilts. It’s right after ‘unicycling” and before “intermediate trapeze”. Of course, any unnecessary education takes away precious attention seeking time, from such fertile hunting grounds as the airport.

    Hoping for a Gagga vs. Minaj fugdown!

  61. Peggy

    Paz all the way. As said above so many times Gaga is playing for the attention. She’s looking crazy because it’s her thing. Paz looks ugly because she can’t figure out how not to. THAT’S fugly.

  62. Lynne

    I find it hard to imagine that Gaga could possibly go out this early in the game but Paz is mighty stiff competition. Damn, that girl is crazy. The glamour shot is pure gold.

  63. LadyK

    The thing is Gaga intends to look like that – it is all part of her ‘art’ project. Whereas for poor Paz it just goes horribly wrong.

  64. AMS

    Lady Gaga has grown on me, I have to admit, and I’ve never seen anyone rock Alexander McQueen so thoroughly. My one wish is that she someday makes peace with being 5’1 and stops wearing such completely ridiculous shoes. Also that she stops finding it necessary to show us just how good her waxer is. As for Paz, all I can say is “what a mess” and give her my vote.

  65. coexxi

    I went with Paz…. not because I want Gaga out (even so I want Gaga out) but because Paz is really amazingly fug. What she is doing to her face and her body should be outlawed. I don’t say that she has to be beautiful (and I bet she is) but please….!

    Something else: how much money is Gaga using for clothes? Her budget must be immense!

  66. The Moonay

    It’s almost unfair to put Paz de la Whatever against Lady Gaga, because come on, it’s LADY GAGA, future bracket holder at fug madness. Compared to her, even Paz looks like a rookie fugger, and she is just beyond ridiculously unattractive.

  67. JessicaE

    I REALLY want to see photos from Paz getting arrested earlier this week! Also I think the GaGa’s McQueen dress is FAB! PAZ FTW.

  68. Rayna

    Oh, my Pothy………….forgive her, she knows not what she does, RIGHT?

    Oh, my Heather, your puns are killin’ like penicillin.

  69. Anne B

    Honestly, comparing these two is like comparing a Vermeer to a splatter pattern in puke.

    And I think the ultimate aim of March Fug Madness hit me, *just this second* …

  70. Cranky Old Batt

    That Paz person with her(?) gender ambiguity makes me mentally hurl. And more than a little. Therefore, I voted Gag Gag. I don’t want to see anymore meat dresses but P ‘s face is at least as scary as a side of bacon.

  71. Carolyn

    THIS should have been the final showdown!

  72. camille

    YES! PAZ!!

    I feel like I am at an actual sporting event with the intensity of my excitement that she is winning. Pothy forever.

  73. Rosanne


    Go, Paz, go!

  74. Jill

    I would laugh at Gaga falling even if she weren’t OK. I mean, those SHOES.

    One of these days I will Google Paz. If I ever actually work up enough interest in who the hell she is.

  75. JanetP

    I voted for Gaga last year but somehow she’s grown on me. And that photo of her in the Madonna bridal outfit and crazy platforms cracks me up!

  76. Mongerel

    Pix de la Gag.

  77. yeahandalso

    The thing is Gaga sometimes looks crazy and sometimes looks awesome. Paz ALWAYS looks a hot mess, it is a really tough call but I voted for Spaz. Maybe it isn’t fair because her actual clothes are usually pretty and fairly simple to the point of being boring (she is almost always in a bold shade or jewel tone floor length) but her styling is sooooo ridiculous and messy.

  78. Mahastee

    Gaga, because she WASN’T born that way. It’s gone way beyond self expression to just boring old attention-seeking fug.

  79. Frances

    Gaga always looks clean. Paz never looks clean. Ergo, Paz for the fug.

  80. Tara Misu

    Paz de la Hunchta LMAO!!! Paz all the way to the end!

  81. Beth

    Let us not forget the original meaning of “fug,” which is “f’ing ugly.” Gaga is more Frazy than anything, whereas Paz is the DEFINITION of fug.

  82. scotiviator

    Well crud, here I was ready with this whole “what’s with the titty tortellini” snipe and poor Paz had an actual medical condition. Now I feel like an ass.

    But um, not so much that she doesn’t get my fug vote. Lady Yawn-Yawn tottering around in Marilyn Manson’s old cast-off shoes is one level, but Paz looks like wearing clothes physically injures her. Not to mention the weird hunchiness- last time I saw a pose like that I was five and trying to put a dress on the dog, and poor Poko did exactly the same desperate maybe-if-I-back-up-enough-it-will-slide-off-me-and-I-will-be-free contortions. Though I hope that when Paz finally makes it out of her duds she doesn’t run around gaily humping the furniture and pooping in the neighbor’s yard. I . . . hope.

  83. Leone

    Paz for the win! Gaga is just more of the same crazy costumes. Paz on the other hand is fuggin’ batsh*t crazy…she looks like she needs the full Silkwood scrub down.

  84. Sajorina

    Paz is CRAZY!!! Gaga is RIDICULOUS!!! Paz amuses me, while La Gaga annoys me, so I voted for her! I’m f*cking tired of her CRAP!

  85. Natty

    Gaga is a whackadoodle, but she is TRYING to be as whacky as possible. We should not reward her with such obvious overtures on her part. Had to give this one to Paz.

  86. jenny

    Posture de la Hunchta. Oh Heather, you made my day with that and the other Paz-doms. I can’t help thinking of that one post about Paz being that person that causes everyone at the party to avert their eyes in discomfort. She makes me want to avert my eyes from the screen, even.

  87. sandy

    Paz often looks like she needs a good scrubbing. Her clothes are awful, but she had me at the non-existent eyeliner and wax lips. I feel bad about the wonky boob, but pity is not allowed in Fug Madness. We are STANDING UP for something here, dammit!

  88. Verodemort

    Call me crazy but I LOVED that Alexander McQueen on GaGa!! Thats the route I wish she’d travel more often! Paz… she is cracked out BUT SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT. Plus her waxy lips. They scare me. POSTURE DE LA HUNCHTA FTW!!

  89. Kate

    What LindaD said …

    Lady Gaga = fug as a bludgeon.

  90. marcia

    So, wait. If I laughed out loud at “Paz de la Huertatas,” does that mean you are judging me harshly as being immature?

    Just asking. Purely hypothetical.

  91. CranAppleSnapple

    Have to go with Paz here. She’s just so fresh out of the gutter and picking cig butts our of her fringe and looking for her shoes and non compos mentis. I no longer think fresh belongs in that sentence.

  92. HJ

    Paz will always get my vote for her sheer refusal to wear eye makeup. I feel like she could be amazingly beautiful if she would just invite a little eyeliner into her life.

  93. SJ Donovan


  94. Kathleen F.

    OMG such a nailbiter! But YOU CAN DO IT PAZ. Gaga is imitation crazy, but Paz is the genuine article.

  95. SJ Donovan

    To whatever mass of people is throwing the vote in Gaga’s favor right now, let me say this: Gaga is different as a MESSAGE that it’s OKAY to be different. She has to serve as a beacon for everyone who gets teased and bullied that being weird can be AMAZING.

    Paz is different because she wants to be different. She doesn’t put the attention in and is LAZY. And that attitude is twice as fugly as some heel-less shoes, or crazy egg costume.

  96. Jules

    I voted for Gaga because she is deliberately and successfully wearing fugly, while Paz just looks deranged.

  97. Poppet Lurker

    how can lord gag gag be winning??? she is just an ATTENTION WHORE, and one who’s schtick has worn out it’s welcome. people, PLEASE, just look at paz…JUST LOOK AT HER. if this woman isn’t the EPITOME of FUG Madness and doesn’t take this thing home, then they may as well just rename this site.

  98. Lex

    Emily is right, Paz de la Huerta has a cystic hygroma under her right armpit – that’s the lump, not caused by an ill-fitting dress.

    It doesn’t, however, explain the lipstick or the sheer wackitude of her look.

  99. Amanda

    Ahhhhhh, Paz has lost her grip on the lead! BRING IT BACK HOME, PAZ.

  100. drmrsmonarch

    Team Paz!! At least we know for certain Gaga showers. Not so sure with Paz. Also I think she puts on her lipstick while still using her vibrator. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t wear eyeliner? Afraid of getting poked…

  101. Another Molly

    Nooo!! Last I checked, Paz was winning! Ugh, boo. Gaga does NOT need to win this. Come on Fug Nation!

  102. Amanda6


  103. Sarah

    Paz for the win.

  104. Sarah

    People, you have to understand that if you vote for gaga, there is no point in having this contest because she’d take it every year.

  105. Ugh Manpris

    I can’t rip on Paz about the breast thing – medical condition beyond her control does not enter into a fug discussion for me. If anything, she gets extra points in my book for not obsessively hiding it from view.
    That being said, what she is trying to do here (hair, clothes, makeup, poses) is not working, so she gets the fug vote anyway.
    Gaga’s attempts are totally working. She doesn’t belong in a fug contest…

  106. Anne B

    Look at this, willya?

    The army of Gaga (Monsters! What UP!) is totally taking this contest in a direction I did not expect. Then again, Paz will be too drunk to know what she’s won … or lost.

  107. belvo

    Agreeing with a lot of others- Gaga just bores me now (though that McQueen is truly fantastic). But Paz is just the walking, stumbling, reeking embodiment of Our Fug Ideals. She’s the real thing, she kind of scares the hell out of me, but I love it. I hope she keeps it up.

  108. Julia J. Baker

    lol paz

  109. Amanda

    Does this poll close on Monday? There’s still time for an upset.

  110. barbarena

    I saw Paz’s doppelganger this weekend, some footage of the Flintstones with Barney Rubble and his splotch eyes and five o-clock shadow, the 5:00 shadow corresponding to the area over which she smears her dark lipstick

  111. Annie

    Paz for sure. While Gaga looks wacky and insane and completely out there, Paz is just a walking tragedy. Every picture of her, with the possible exception of the blue dress, depressed me. She looks that awful. No idea how to pick flattering clothes. At least Lady Gaga holds my interest in a non-depressing way.

  112. Emma

    I know Lady Gaga does it for the shock value, but I voted for her anyway, because I’m sick of seeing her all over the place and I don’t really get why she’s such a big deal.

  113. Liza

    Paz, because her attempt at bitchface just looks like a bad pantomime. wtf is that? Also, I read this in article with her in NY mag: “Paz is Genghis Khan meets Marie Antoinette,” says her mother, Judith Bruce. “She is tempestuous and provocative. She wants a big life, and like all great people, it’s going to take a little experimentation before she can get all of the keys together.”
    Snore. The lipstick up her nose and in her ears is as deliberate fake badgirl as Taylor Momsen.

  114. Heather

    Is Paz dating Quentin Tarantino? That’s SCARY. Also, is she really only 26? Maybe it’s the booze, but she looks a lot older. Sad.

  115. Will

    Come on, people! Team Paz. Have some imagination for chrissake!

  116. Kate Monster

    I have never seen a picture of Paz de la Huerta where she looks even remotely good. Not a one. And it’s awful, because it seems as though, under the layers and layers of horrible choices, she’s actually very pretty. Gaga, on the other hand, may look totally nuts, but she does always look good. An ugly outfit that compliments a person’s aesthetic and persona is fine by me–a total train wreck that does nothing for the wearer isn’t. This is going to go for Gaga, but Paz is the one who deserves it.

  117. Bambi Anne Dear

    I LOVED the pic of Gaga goin’ down. Chortling at my desk……

  118. Amanda

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Have some imagination, people.

  119. Ben


  120. yvetterene

    It’s the fug old question: Do I vote for the one who is intentionally trying to shock, or the one that thinks she looks amazing and doesn’t.
    I think I’m going to have to vote for Paz. She looks so incredibly cracked out! And that red shade of lipstick is doing absoulutely nothing for her at all. Looks like she’s been playing in Grandmother’s makeup. Paz ftw!

  121. cammie

    I really appreciate that you dedicated a post to nothing but gaga’s airport outfits.